A research topic: The @Instagram classroom

For the last two years, my blogging output has slowed to a crawl due to completing my Masters of Education through the University of Canterbury. 

This semester blogging is a requirement of my coursework.

Past readers can look forward to three months of me reflecting on the use of Instagram in the classroom!

Alongside our major school account Nexusschoolsg, at the time of writing (February 25) there are several other accounts operating within the school:

This topic came about as we’ve had a number of teachers in our school explore Instagram over the last 12 months. The users undoubtedly have different purposes and ways they use the platform. Of interest to the topic of change aspect of this course, is the catalyst for teachers adopting the platform and whether that catalyst achieved long-lasting changes.

For the foreseeable future, the social media landscape will likely continue to evolve as new platforms emerge and the popularity of existing services change. While this research will focus on the use of Instagram, the affordances offered by the App are similar to those of other social media platforms such as Blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Instagram does differ from other platforms because it is used primarily on mobile devices with limited features available on the desktop. Nevertheless, the lessons of the why and how Instagram is used by teachers and schools are applicable to other platforms.

The use of social media in education is not without controversy. Within the New Zealand context  Teachers and Social Media* is a resource that has been developed to showcase best practice, suggest guidelines in order to ensure schools and teachers are acting in an ethical manner online.

So there we have it, a topic worthy of a lot of blogging for the next three months

*I was on the reference group that developed the resource.



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