A draft casestudy plan on Instagram in the classroom

What is my goal for writing this essay?

My goal in writing this essay is to utilize two change models to examine early adopters on Instagram within my current teaching context.  This case study will examine the conditions that cause teachers to experiment with new technologies, the impact on learners, their extended families.

What information do I need to include?

Information on the introduction of other forms of social media into schools such as blogs and Instagram. I will need to utlize two change models, Diffusion of Innovation and the Arena Framework, to help develop my understanding.

How will the information be organised?

I will mainly organise my information through  a series of blog posts that contain my annotated bibologprahy. I will also use sketchnotes to analyse articles and develop my thinking.

What is the personal change context you would like to focus on?

The personal change context I would like to focus on is my Year 4 class at an international school in Singapore and the introduction of specific form of social media.

What is the central thesis or key question you aim to answer drawing on the research on change with digital technology in education?

In what way do teachers use Instagram to enhance communication between their classrooms and the world?

What are the main themes you plan to address in the body of your essay (bullet points)?

  • Defining different types of digital spaces.
  • Social media’s influence on teacher communication and practice.
  • The role of visual media in communicating with famlies.
  • The factors that cause teachers to take up new forms of technology (or not) and sustain a usage of new technology.
  • Leadership of the process.

What conclusions do you anticipate?

Teachers may experience push and pull factors that cause them to adopt new technology.  Pull factors might include advantages and usablity of technology, the presence of teachers with expertise and postive reactions from families. However, dissatisfaction with the usability of platforms provided by schools may push teachers to seek out alternatives. I also anticipate that the visual nature of this particular social media platform may bring up further questions about how teachers effectively communicate, particularly in communities where there are a large number of families where English is a second language.

4 thoughts on “A draft casestudy plan on Instagram in the classroom

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    1. Hello Lesley
      Being a private school we make it a condition of enrolment that we can use photos on the school social media channels. As long it it shows the school in a positive light, it’s seen as a way to promote the school online to prospective parents.



  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I like your case study and find it quite interesting.I have experienced some tools which schools officially use and the found it boring due to the nature of text type with fewer visuals.
    It’s quite emotional to have visual communication path build up between the teacher and parent or caregivers. I agree the user interface provided in social media supports this very well. 🙂 I have heard some academics have used Facebook as a learning tool due to its user-friendly nature and navigation ease.

    When reading your essay plan, few questions came to my mind.just typing them below.

    Will you be using Instagram to share all the information about students(eg: Academic reports) learning journey and get’s the parents involved in the process.?
    Should it be a collaborative use of existing official school reporting method or will Instagram replace all?

    Is there a plan to join students in this loop? I am thinking about the digital citizenship or students awareness when going internet and using a popular social media like Instagram or having high restrictions on sharing students information.
    Also, you might be thinking of a nice structure of communication and the level.
    These are just thoughts, hope it will support you, when thinking further about your case study. Good luck !!


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    1. Hi Aseni
      Firstly, apologies for the slow response. Your comment was stuck in moderation but thank you so much for such a detailed response.

      I thought about FaceBook and probably would have asked for it a few years ago but I think the idea that strip down communication to the essentials lends itself more to Instagram. We do have a school LMS which gives detailed information. A lot of the accounts right now are at a class/subject area.

      As I teacher Year 4 the kids won’t be taking part at least in my class but I’ve noticed learners in the older grades do engage more with Instagram so that’s something to consider. I think at this stage it’s looking at the use of technology for home/school collaboration at a classroom level rather than an individual one but also as a tool for teacher reflection and collaboration.

      Thanks again for your comment you’ve given me a lot to think about.



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