My year of living creatively

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It started with a tweet. I thought - hey I could do that. And now 364 posts later, I'm still here writing. Were all the posts I published amazing? No. In fact a lot of what I wrote was really, really, bad. But here's something I learned during this... Continue Reading →

5 posts that spoke the loudest in May

Is that May over and done with? I'm feeling pleased I managed to make it through another month of blogging - though some days were a lot harder to create content than others. We can't be right all the time What the kids think they know… unlearning in science Authentic Connections – let's bring the purpose... Continue Reading →

300,000 hits – a good time for a celebration

Over the weekend I passed a statistical milestone - 300,000 views. While this little corner of the internet is just a small blip, even within educational circles, I do enjoy sharing what I've been up to in the classroom and in life. Thanks for all those who read, share and especially people who have taken... Continue Reading →

One quarter of the way through my daily blogging quest 

Wow so that's Match out of the way. Two weeks of holidays, sickness and migraines and I'm still here typing away.This month saw a drop off in fellow bloggers and the Feburary 28 days of blogging challenge.I didn't make many comments and I'm still not linking much to others writing.On the plus side I'm still... Continue Reading →

Last day of term….

Morning roll call. Teachers 5 minutes after the last kids leave school. Teachers 7 minutes after the last kids leave school. Teachers 10 minutes after the last kids leave school checking email.

You don’t get anything unless you ask for it…

My class is in the final stages of preparation for a mini-exhibition. As part of the exhibition the children will be sending a selection of photos down to New Zealand. I asked the class if it would be ok if we have a representative from the New Zealand community to come to the exhibition and... Continue Reading →

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