Students teaching the teachers – the best tech PD comes from kids #ipadkl

One of my jobs in the last few weeks has been to share professional learning back to the other teachers in the school. Way back in September last year I attended the iPad summit ISKL. It's been almost 6 months since the conference, which may seem a long time to go between attendance and feeding back... Continue Reading →

So your #ade2015 application was rejected…

Over the week there's been a flurry of tweets and Facebook updates from those educators who have been selected to attend this year's Apple Distinguished Educator institutes. With all the back slapping and congratulatory updates, those who didn't get in may be feeling their application was the only one not accepted. There were plenty who didn't... Continue Reading →

Using iPads to create Visual Learning Goals – @petavision @pocketpixels

This is the third in my series of visual goal series. Part 1 is here  and part 2 is here. Instead of children merely writing down SMART targets for the term and filing them away never to be seen again, I am a big fan of using Kath Murdoch's one word approach to goal setting to focus kids... Continue Reading →

10 tips Apple Distinguished Educator application #adeclassof2015

There's still another week to go until application period closes on the Apple Distinguished Educator programme for 2015. I've written extensively about this programme in the past (and there's a great video about the programme here). You can find the application for the programme here. Go have a read, I'll still be ranting when you get... Continue Reading →

#ADEClassof2015 – Applications are open

Every two years or so Apple opens applications to the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) programme. Applications have just opened for the next intake of into the programme. Like anything in education, the programme is not without its critics. However in my experience so many of the teachers selected into the programme describe their acceptance into the... Continue Reading →

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