Cyber Bullying – is banning social media in schools the answer?

I was interested to see that the Herald picked up the story of a facebook removing a pro-bullying group. What was interesting about this case was the reason that the group was taken down, it was due to parental action rather than school action. In fact according to the report the principal was unaware of... Continue Reading →

A reminder: wear Pink tomorrow

I know I've already posted it, but since its Pink Shirt day tomorrow I thought I'd re-post this awesome flashmob.

Don’t Bully me?

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 4.f Graduating teachers demonstrate commitment to and strategies for promoting and nurturing the physical and emotional safety of learners. I would write about my first day of school, but I love my school so much that such slavish devotion is boring to read. Hopefully by the end of the week... Continue Reading →

Anti-bullying flash mob

How many kinds of awesome is there in this Canadian flashmob to promote Pink Shirt Day? For those not in the know, Pink Shirt Day started from a single incident of a new student getting harassed for wearing a pink shirt. Instead of turning a blind eye, two senior students organized an internet campaign for... Continue Reading →

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