What does your blog really say about learning?

I need to blog. After spending nearly 18 months forcing myself to update daily, I haven't posted in 5 months. Like Royan, I don't quite feel right when I'm not blogging yet I also struggle with putting my thoughts out there for others to read. I could blame being busy with teaching, masters study, lack... Continue Reading →

The power of classroom blogging

Sometimes you need an outsider to point out of the obvious. As part of my  #unleashinglearning workshop  conversation naturally turned to the nitty gritty of making things work. Rather than just tell the audience I immediately bought up my class's flickr account and student blogs to share what we've been doing right down on a teacher-to-teacher... Continue Reading →

The lovely side of teaching

Sometimes in the busyness of the school term we can so easily forget to take time to really appreciate the lovely side of teaching. Over the holidays I had kids, comment on our class blog. This may seem inconsequential but these are children I no longer teach. Sometimes it takes a while to see the impact... Continue Reading →

The rule of daily writing #cenz15

At the end of last year I noticed I hadn't been posting much on the blog. There were a huge number of posts languishing in draft form. Half-written, half-thought ideas, that I never finished and as a result were never commented on and refined. This year I made a resolution that no matter what was... Continue Reading →

600 posts

Year Page views Posts Comments 2011 31666 175 655 2012 57806 93 412 2013 88423 61 197 2014 92806 38 96 2015 78143 239 270 Another blogging achievement - 600 posts. I wish I had something witty or smart to say. But today. I got nothing.

Links you should be reading – jetlag edition

I've spent a substantial part of this week in planes and airports. In my semi-lucid state here are some links that caught my eye around the internet this week. Suicide on Campus and the Pressure of Perfection - a sobering read for anyone in education. We need to make sure that alongside academics those attitudes... Continue Reading →

5 Posts that Spoke the loudest in July

Restorative conversations – getting the kids involved Is online sharing about the journey or destination? Coming full circle on literacy circles How could the PYP workshop be better? What does inquiry look like?

Making time to blog

The problem with teaching is that the job is never done. There’s always something that could be done, an extra resources to create, an email to send, marking let alone maintaining a blog. @bridgetclm recently asked how I find time to publish a daily post. The language here is important and already a bit of... Continue Reading →

Is online sharing about the journey or destination?

When I started personal blogging back in the early 2000s, I used to bookmark the blogs I enjoyed reading and visited the sites daily to see if they had been updated. It was the digital equivalent of walking down to the store to buy a magazine. Then I found out about RSS feeds - a system which enables you... Continue Reading →

5 posts that spoke the loudest in June

There but for the grace… #sabahquake Why do schools make kids switch classes at the end of year? 5 things we need to stop pretending #MakeSchoolDifferent I didn’t have my ‘own class’ this past year – thoughts on team teaching Are e-portfolios past their educational used by date?

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