Daily blogging challenge – Over the hump

Did I mention that I am now 6 months into my daily blogging challenge? That's 182 posts published. I'll be the first to admit that not all of the posts (including this one) are of stellar quality. Also wow is it hard to write content during a 7 week break from teaching. Nevertheless I pat... Continue Reading →

500 posts – Blogging isn’t dead but it does take take work

Another blogging milestone hits - 500 posts on this blog. Year Page views Posts Comments 2011 31666 175 655 2012 57806 93 412 2013 88423 61 197 2014 92806 38 96 2015 43796 140 172 As I look back, I can't help but look forward. We live in a world where so much of what... Continue Reading →

We can’t all be right all the time – why a little bit of online conflict is a good thing

Early in my career I had a team leader who had a reputation for being highly critical. Other teachers thought this teacher was hard to work with. My team leader could harpoon an idea at any meeting big or small with a simple question: "Have you thought about..." It was a highly effective strategy. I still... Continue Reading →

5 posts that spoke loudest in April #edsketch15

What happens to marginalised kids on the spectrum? Provocation – Setting the scene for Inquiry Breaking Educational Moulds – cursive handwriting So your #ade2015 application was rejected… Students teaching the teachers – the best tech PD comes from kids #ipadkl   

5 posts that spoke the loudest in March 

In keeping with my five of the best theme here are the five posts that I feel spoke loudest this March.You don't get anything unless you ask for it..."It can be easy to be the person who waits in the corner, complaining about missed opportunities and unfair decisions.But the reality is only you can make you wait.Nobody else... Continue Reading →

5 of the best – Feburary

Another busy month. These posts represent the ones that I think show my best thinking of the month in chronological order. What stops us from leaving our ‘bubble?’ Why are there so few women in ed tech? #28daysofwriting A death in the family – hard classroom conversations From Mosgiel to Mumbai – Twitter tours make... Continue Reading →

A great way to spend a month – #28daysofwriting

This is the end of my second month of daily publishing. I've now published more posts this year than I did in the entire of 2014 and have almost as many comments. The highlight of this month has been seeing a whole bunch of bloggers come out of hibernation for Tom Barrett's #28daysofwriting challenge. Seeing... Continue Reading →

A Wonder-ful start to the year

With many southern hemisphere schools starting their school year, I thought I'd drop in a read aloud recommendation to start the year with. This year I started the year reading Wonder by R.J Palacio. This book is about an 11 year old boy by the name of Auggie Pullman who is born with with a severe... Continue Reading →

After #28daysofwriting how about #31daysofcommenting ?

My challenge to write a blog post a day over the next year was in response to a problem. I was not longer creating content, merely consuming it. I think part of the reason I backed away from blogging in the last few years is that the number of comments I received have  say hi, "I'm reading... Continue Reading →

One month of daily publishing – not as hard as I thought 31/365

Phew. A daily publishing challenge. At this point I've published almost as much content this year than I did in the entire of 2014 where I aimed for weekly posting. This daily publishing has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. What I've noticed about my writing over the last month: It is more... Continue Reading →

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