Book Review: The Innovator’s Mindset #innovatorsmindset

  As other industries as diverse as travel, entertainment and publishing have all been revolutionized by the emergence of digital technology education is still by and large stuck in the industrial era. There are pockets of innovation occurring at a classroom, school and larger organisational level, yet  by and large the sector is largely resistant to change.... Continue Reading →

On re-visiting childhood books as an adult…

I remember receiving Alex as I turned 12, many Christmases ago. Part of my mother's gift buying rule for children; something to wear, something to eat, something you need and something to read. I read the book multiple times, but somehow it got lost along the way. It's odd revisiting characters after so many years,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Big Magic

Confession time. I am fan of Elizabeth Gilbert. The first time I stumbled upon her work was when I was out on my own post-break up round the world adventure. Unfortunately, this was also the time that the movie Eat, Pray, Love came out and criticism of her writing was at its most shrill. The disproval by reviewers... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Power of Inquiry

Teaching through inquiry is like handling a slippery fish. Just when you think you have got a grasp on it, the fish is flailing on the floor. Inquiry seems so simple. It starts by asking really good questions. What is inquiry learning?  What isn't inquiry learning? What does inquiry learning look like? Which leads to the slipperiest question of all:... Continue Reading →

2015 in review – top 3 books that have influenced my thinking

Future Wise: Educating Our Children for a Changing World - Once I finished reading this book I immediately gave it to my principal to read. 'Is this worth learning?'is a question we should ask of ourselves daily in the course of planning learning engagements. Choice Words: How Our Language Affects Children's Learning A must-read for any educator,... Continue Reading →

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