The rule of daily writing #cenz15

At the end of last year I noticed I hadn't been posting much on the blog. There were a huge number of posts languishing in draft form. Half-written, half-thought ideas, that I never finished and as a result were never commented on and refined. This year I made a resolution that no matter what was... Continue Reading →

Why are we still teaching *that?*

Why are still teaching that? A few weeks before the end of I had a conversation with a colleague about thermometers. I had been to the doctor the previous day, and remarked that the nurse was using a digital thermometer to measure my temperature. Yet my colleague was getting reading to teach.. yep you guessed it,... Continue Reading →

Is it time to throw away books? 16/365

Over the June school holidays I had the pleasure of traveling through the United States. One of my pre-trip rituals is to buy a Lonely Planet for destinations I am visiting. Despite the advances in technology, there's nothing more exhilarating than opening a guidebook to your next destination. Attractions are mulled, itineraries are debated and... Continue Reading →

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