A research topic: The @Instagram classroom

For the last two years, my blogging output has slowed to a crawl due to completing my Masters of Education through the University of Canterbury.  This semester blogging is a requirement of my coursework. Past readers can look forward to three months of me reflecting on the use of Instagram in the classroom! Alongside our major... Continue Reading →

A restorative approach to digital citizenship

I've been on social media with my students for nearly 5 years. Overwhelmingly the interactions are positive. I spend a lot of the time at the start of the year looking at quality interactions online, modelling, guiding and co-constructing quality commenting. However, sometimes children will forget. The intent might not even be malicious, but a poor... Continue Reading →

On being less helpful…

"Have you shared your Google doc with the group?"The discussion director is hunched over his macbook impatient to get the literacy circle under way. Extensions like doctopus have their place. However I often wonder if in a quest to make our lives easier teachers are robbing of opportunities to develop their own ICT skills and decide on... Continue Reading →

If you really want kids to understand copyright, get them to create

The children in my class are putting together an iBook using their photos from the trip from a few weeks ago.  As the children are choosing images to go with their writing several realise they haven't taken images to help them tell their story. But their friends do. "Can I use your photo?" In that minute, copyright comes... Continue Reading →

Teachers, enough with these social media ‘lessons’ 19/365

Every few months a photo like this surfaces In my social media stream feeds telling me to like, retweet a message to 'teach' children a lesson about social media. In world where millions of pieces of new content are being uploaded every second, creators are resorting to desperate and more shocking things to break through... Continue Reading →

The art of sketchnoting #adesketchnotes

Confession time. My handwriting is so messy I can barely write my name legibly. Actually messy is an understatement. A drunken chicken making its way across the page is a more accurate description of my penmanship. It's not for want if trying, more a lack of fine motor control and spatial awareness. Unlike many primary... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Minecraft, MLEs and Quadblogging! Oh my!

I've become a huge quadblogging fan. For those not in the know quadblogging is when a group of four classes take turns to read and comment on individual blogs. The quad can be international or national. After a few false starts, the quad I've been involved in this year has been nothing short of awesome.   I... Continue Reading →

5 reasons to use Flickr for class photosharing

These days most classrooms have digital cameras and/or devices that are capable of taking photos. But what happens to those photos? Do they stay on the teachers hard drive or school internal server never to be seen again? If a picture can tell 1,000 words, how much richer will your learning stories be to your... Continue Reading →

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