A phone is no longer a phone 6/365

My parents' phone rings. I ask my 3 year old nephew if he wants to talk to grandad. After a few seconds, he looks at the phone confused. "But grandad I can't see you..." He can hear a voice but where is the face? This device makes no sense, just buttons to push randomly. My... Continue Reading →

Babies and Languages

An interesting lecture by Patricia Kuhl on the linguistic abilities of babies. There are implications for language learning in New Zealand where we start teaching second languages at the point where language acquisition skills start to decline.

Why Early Childhood Education matters

So when do you learn to change nappies? One of the students in the Early Childhood specialization of this course was recently asked this question.   The person was surprised to find that no the student's course wasn't just about changing nappies and blowing noses, she was currently studying developmental psychology alongside future primary and secondary school... Continue Reading →

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