I used to think, Now I think, I didn’t think of…

Project Zero Classroom continues to push my practice almost 11 months after the event. This year I've been exploring how the use of screencasting might amplify the use of these routines in class. What has been particularly interesting isn't that the children follow them - it's when they start to adapt them for their own purposes.... Continue Reading →

Teaching for misconceptions

Visible thinking unearths powerful data for teachers and student to identify progress and next steps. One of the misconceptions I have stumbled on while teaching this unit has been around evaporation. Last week my students observed water evaporating with heat and condensing again with cold. Yet listening into their Doodlecasts, I was amazed how many... Continue Reading →

Setting lines of inquiry with the students #pypinnovation

One of the brilliant parts of being a PYP teacher in this part of the world is how readily people share ideas on twitter. Although I missed a recent webinar on innovation on 'innovation in the PYP' an idea sparked an inquiry the webinar itself had many little gems for me to mull over including... Continue Reading →

Making learning rewindable

One of the unintended advantages of flipped learning is the ability for a learner to pause and rewind lectures. Through watching and re-watching the content they are able to pinpoint an area for improvement. I'm still not a huge fan of flipped learning, it is still very content driven. However,  an idea I've been playing with... Continue Reading →

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