Why do schools produce yearbooks in the FaceBook era?

A grand tradition at the end of an academic year in schools is signing Yearbooks. The number of signatures you wanted garner appeared to rise the closer you were to finishing high school. A yearbook isn't just a book. It's a form of emotional closure at the end of adolescence. Yet that wave of finishing school-induced sentimentality quickly disappears. At... Continue Reading →

When they rush into class…

This last day of teaching I have been experimenting with a Self-Organised Learning Environments. It's been equal parts exhilarating and exhausting. Yet the funny thing - when you give kids the time and space to make and create, they don't want to stop. What was supposed to an afternoon lesson stretched out into an all-day... Continue Reading →

Not everyone is going to Harvard…

During the July holidays I attended Project Zero Classroom at Harvard University. As I wandered the grounds during the break sessions I started to notice how many tourists came to wander through the university grounds. What was surprising was the number of families bringing their children - not much older than the 8 year olds I teach... Continue Reading →

5 things that education should have moved on from since 1985

In honour of Back to the future day here is my list of 5 things we should have moved on in education since 1985. 1. Detention Detention does little to sort out whatever problem it is that landed a kid there. However on a related note, would the Breakfast club kids have become friends now if... Continue Reading →

Why don’t we just train teachers?

One of the moulds in education that we need to start talking about is the 'great divide' between primary secondary. Sometime between when a child is 11-13 they make the leap from primary school into secondary. Most schools, have some sort of transition which often sees the primary kids visit their local high school for... Continue Reading →

Show, don’t tell

One the rule we tell our writers in schools is to show, don't tell. Don't give away everything up front. Give the reader space to experience the story through thoughts, feelings and senses. Yet when it comes to meet and greets with the parents how often do teachers and schools do the opposite? Tell parents... Continue Reading →

Are e-portfolios past their educational used by date?

This post is perhaps a tad hypocritical. I have not one but two e-portfolios. I’ve used e-portfolios in class for the last few years. They’ve been around in education since back when I was coding html sites in the 1990s. However over the last few months I’ve been wondering if e-portfolios have been mean meeting... Continue Reading →

Social media messages – Compare and Contrast @bnighrogain

A few weeks ago I had a big rant about teachers taking to social media to teach kids 'a lesson.' Today I was on twitter and spotted a similar photo and had a completely different reaction. What I like about this photo The students are posing a question rather than a teacher. It's a  message... Continue Reading →

Why are there so few women in ed tech? #28daysofwriting

I am elementary school teacher. One the things you quickly notice as you wander around an elementary school is that the vast majority of the teaching staff are women. I am also an edu tech geek. One of the things you quickly notice when you go to educational technology events is that the majority of speakers and a huge... Continue Reading →

Connection without reflection and action = popularity contest #cenz14

With connected educator month coming to an end, I feel the need for a rant. If we're here talking about the value of connections again this time next year, then our detractors are right. Connecting with others online is just a popularity contest. Being a connected educator is not about how many webinars you attend, the numbers... Continue Reading →

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