#raisingstandards – asking the wrong questions

A wise educator once told me that learning isn't about knowing the answer. It's about being able to ask really good questions. So here's a $250 million question. How has the implementation of National Standards improved learning in New Zealand? The short answer is not a lot. The argument given at the time was that... Continue Reading →

How did Rory Gilmore end up a teacher? #gilmoregirls

When I'm feeling sick, going through a rough patch, a breakup or just in need of something to make me smile my go-to pick me up is an episode of the Gilmore Girls. Snappy dialogue, pop culture references well-written smart female characters. The last time we saw Rory, she was a Yale graduate, about to go... Continue Reading →

The New Zealand Curriculum – don’t mention the war?

There was a robust conversation on twitter last night about the place of the Land Wars within the New Zealand curriculum in response to this article - Ministry of Education refuses to include New Zealand Land Wars in the New Zealand curriculum. First, let's clear a few things up. Most adult New Zealanders' recollection of New Zealand history... Continue Reading →

Does Social Media really encourage entitlement?

A newspaper article on children out of control ended up on my Facebook feed this morning. The children we teach today are entitled narcissists. And it's partly social media's fault. Anything kids want, from pizza to porn, can be satisfied 24/7 via the Internet. Social media breeds narcissism by making kids the stars of their own... Continue Reading →

Why do we keep asking ‘why?’

Like most people I learned about the horrific news in Paris via Facebook. The most common response in my social media feed seems to be 'why?' The mass murder of civilians is an evil that those who live in peaceful countries collectively struggle to understand - as we are so far removed from war. Yet on... Continue Reading →

5 things that education should have moved on from since 1985

In honour of Back to the future day here is my list of 5 things we should have moved on in education since 1985. 1. Detention Detention does little to sort out whatever problem it is that landed a kid there. However on a related note, would the Breakfast club kids have become friends now if... Continue Reading →

“But what about the research?”

If you want to stop an idea in schools dead in its tracks, you only need to utter one phrase, "the research." "But what about the research?" "Where is the research?" " I want to try this idea, but I'll need to see the research first." From screen time, to how many desks you should... Continue Reading →

Where are kids getting their news now?

Over the course of this week my primary school has been involved in a school project to take action on the UN global goals development campaign. The kids were broken into cross-year groups and then a particular issue they were interested in taking action on. As we got started, I asked the children to think... Continue Reading →

Speaking up for education

A few years ago there was a child who did stats project. The topic included interviews, bar graphs and a written conclusion. The topic was why kids slack off in school. The earth-shattering conclusion to the project? Boredom. The project was shared with other kids in the school and eventually ended up in the principal's office.... Continue Reading →

There but for the grace… #sabahquake

Teachers often have a love/hate affair with taking kids out of the classroom. We love to see the learning and growth in our students that comes from children venturing beyond the limits of their everyday lives. Staying away from home for the first time, abseiling down that ledge, conquering that mountain. However there is such an awesome... Continue Reading →

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