The tour guide on the side – inquiry outside the classroom

Field trips. Barking at the children to not touch, wander off, fidget and listen attentively all while in the public eye. It's stressful. Does it need to be? Inquiry learning is something teachers plan for in the safety of the school environment. However, once we take children on field trips, it's easy to slip back into... Continue Reading →

Norrys, Bamboo rice cakes and education (oh my!)

Cambodia. Most westerners know little about the country beyond the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge and the magnicent Angkor temples. For me, the thriving markets and the ingenious re-use of materials are seared into my mind when I think of Cambodia. Cambodia's railway is a causality of the civil war. The tracks are warped and... Continue Reading →

Scouting out camp locations

One of the joys of being an international school teacher is the trips. 18 months ago, I journeyed to Bintan Island in Indonesia with a group of  Year 5s. This time around, I will be taking Year 4s to Malacca on a cultural excursion. This Friday I had a quick taster of the sights and... Continue Reading →

You never know who is watching…

There are certain things you can't really learn in school. How to act on public transport is one of them. During our field trip this week the children travelled on Singapore's MRT. They had to remember their transportation card, buzz through, keep to the group and also negotiate space with members of the public. Before we... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday Singapore – on teaching inside of a bubble

Singapore is celebrating its 50 years since its independence. I feel very fortunate to call this place home for the opportunities the country has afforded me over the last 18 months. But I've had a nagging feeling these last few months. How much the school day would change for the students for the children I... Continue Reading →

What stops us from leaving our ‘bubble?’

As I reflected on the spectacular photography trip last week, I realised how little I've taken the opportunity to venture outside the bubble of my classroom with the children in my class. Why is that? A lack of confidence - I was petrified about organising a field trip on my own and having it go badly.... Continue Reading →

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