When do you call time on traditions?

This year I celebrated Christmas in Singapore with my parents. While I am well accustomed to spending holidays in foreign countries and forgoing traditions, my parents are not. Nevertheless, after over 30 years of celebrating christmas with the extended family and the chaos that entails they decided to try something new. Despite the outward appearance... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday Singapore – on teaching inside of a bubble

Singapore is celebrating its 50 years since its independence. I feel very fortunate to call this place home for the opportunities the country has afforded me over the last 18 months. But I've had a nagging feeling these last few months. How much the school day would change for the students for the children I... Continue Reading →

We are learning to: Make a difference in parliament

A few months ago I floated the idea to my Year 7/8 class making a submission to the Inquiry into 21st century learning environments and digital literacy being run by the New Zealand parliament's education and science select committee.* The project seemed like a great way to give my students an insight into how laws... Continue Reading →

#twecon – a conference in tweet form

A hearty round of applause for @HORansome philosopher, currently completing a PhD on the epi­stem­o­logy of Conspiracy Theories, and a most excellent afternoon drinking compadre from my first university experience for his sublime organisation of the 2nd #twecon. For those not in the know, #twecon is a conference in which anyone with a twitter account can present their ideas. Topics... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: The teacher needs to be lead learner in a classroom

Over the last week or so I've had to do a lot of thinking about cooperative learning, mostly because it's a topic that will come up in my models and strategies exam tomorrow. But also as a result of Wednesday's #edchat on technology in the classroom. When I was out  on Teaching Experience I was relieving... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: Old school ties

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 3. a: "Graduating teachers have an understanding of the complex influences that personal, social, and cultural factors may have on teachers and learners." Officially I spent Friday night planning for my upcoming weeks of teaching. Unofficially I (along with 2 billion others) tuned in to watch William and Kate say... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Survived

New Zealand is a small place. So when one part of our waka shakes, we all feel in some way feel it. This week my heart hurts for the people we already know who have perished in the earthquake in Christchurch and the other souls currently missing. Like most people I feel a bit useless... Continue Reading →


Graduating Teacher Standard 2.b "Graduating teachers have knowledge of a range of relevant theories, principles and purposes of assessment and evaluation." In the last week or so newsmedia sites were awash with stories that a prominent Auckland boys' secondary school has directed its year 11 students to sit for the University of Cambridge's international exams... Continue Reading →

Do schools kill creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson thinks so and the above YouTube clip has made him a bit of a rockstar for in the world of educational philosophy. I managed to track down the full transcript of his lecture which is well worth a read. Interestingly Sir Ken is Palmerston North as a speaker at a conference this... Continue Reading →

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