Do our classrooms challenge gender norms or reinforce them?

I thought I was doing my part to help educate confident girls who were able to speak up, advocate for each other and challenge ideas. I thought I was educating boys were empathetic listeners and a sense of fair play. Yet when I started to examine what was really happening in my classroom, the reality... Continue Reading →

#internationalwomensday – instead of platitudes take action

A few weeks ago, I helped to prepare a document for my school. The document had lots of photos of children. As part of the final proof, the principal went back and counted up the children appearing to check for gender diversity. It was a small action but something that communicated a bigger idea - equality... Continue Reading →

The bothersome business of the boys education debate #28daysofwriting

Every few weeks an article like this appears in my twitter feed about the state of boys education. These often-well intentioned often have an undertone that the female-dominated teaching workforce clearly know nothing about how boys learn. The problem with these articles is that they often rely on sexist stereotyping rather than sound pedagogy. Boys... Continue Reading →

Why are there so few women in ed tech? #28daysofwriting

I am elementary school teacher. One the things you quickly notice as you wander around an elementary school is that the vast majority of the teaching staff are women. I am also an edu tech geek. One of the things you quickly notice when you go to educational technology events is that the majority of speakers and a huge... Continue Reading →

A great to start the day – dance 22/365

One of the great joys of teaching in New Zealand schools is a programme called jump jam. It's an aerobics programme that mixes catchy popular music with kid appropriate aerobic moves. A huge number of schools back in the land of the long white cloud use Jump Jam in the morning to get kids moving... Continue Reading →

The ongoing ‘problem’ of a lack women at tech conferences #nethui

I attended nethui, a community-based conference for users of the internet run by internetnz, last year and thoroughly enjoyed the event. One thing I quickly noticed was the gender balance, or rather, imbalance - there were far, far more men than women. This imbalance was even more noticeable in the speaker and facilitator line up.... Continue Reading →

The importance of educating girls

Since it March 8 is International Women's Day consider this: Worldwide for every 100 boys out-of-school there are 122 girls. The World Bank Girls still constitute 55% of the 75 million out-of-school children globally in 2006. The World Bank A girl growing up in Chad today has nearly the same chance of dying in childbirth as she has... Continue Reading →

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