Learning to ask for help… from the inside

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 7.c Graduating Teachers work co-operatively with those who share responsibility for the learning and wellbeing of learners. I've been wondering about whether to make this post, firstly because it breaks vow not to blog about specific incidents but more importantly I'm blogging about work on the internet. However I am... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: Using assessment for learning…

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 5.c "Graduating teachers know how to communicate assessment information appropriately to learners, their parents/caregivers and staff." This week was my first week of real teaching. The week flew by and I have a lot to post on and not much time to write so I thought I would that I... Continue Reading →

Putting the step back in action – Part 1

New Zealand Graduating Standard 4.b Graduating teachers use and sequence a range of learning experiences to influence and promote learner achievement. Before I started out on my teaching experience, I mused on the idea that as a teacher I must Learn the art of stepping back well today I started putting into practice. One of... Continue Reading →

Turning my blog in an E-portfolio

Inspired by both a tweet on twitters #nqttips and Ashley Azzopardi's blog (which any student teacher reading this should follow), I've decided to start building an e-portfolio in order to show how I meet the Teacher's Council's Graduating Teacher Standards. Obviously some of my old posts are now part of this portfolio. But nevertheless I... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: Old school ties

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 3. a: "Graduating teachers have an understanding of the complex influences that personal, social, and cultural factors may have on teachers and learners." Officially I spent Friday night planning for my upcoming weeks of teaching. Unofficially I (along with 2 billion others) tuned in to watch William and Kate say... Continue Reading →

Should students call teachers by their first names?

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 6.c "Graduating teachers build effective relationships with their learners." What's in a name? Well if you are teacher a lot more than what's on your birth certificate. I remember being back in primary school where one of my teachers wistfully remarked that the students at a school he visited called... Continue Reading →

Classroom management techniques – Part 2

If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you read Classroom Management techniques Part 1. 7. A musical device One of the teachers at my school has a small old-school bike horn which she plays when she wants the class's attention. She uses it at the end of the countdown, but it could be used without.... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: from zero to hero?

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 5.b Graduating teachers gather, analyse and use assessment information to improve learning and inform planning. T'was the week before holidays and through the school... the students and teachers were counting the hours until... the holiday bell would sending them all flying... out of the gates with no sadness nor crying.... Continue Reading →

Should students assess teachers?

Graduating Teacher Standard 5.a Graduating teachers┬ásystematically and critically engage with evidence to reflect on and refine their practice. Every week or so I am supposed to have my teaching assessed by my associate teacher against the Graduating Teacher Standards. This process is part of making sure that I'm competent before I'm let loose on a... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Flashmob!

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 1.c Graduating teachers have knowledge of the relevant curriculum documents of Aotearoa New Zealand. Yup you read right, this week involved a flashmob. And not just any flashmob, a bollywood inspired flashmob. Somehow ended up with an A for English and a B Maths. Scratching my head wondering how did... Continue Reading →

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