Where numeracy meets maths?

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 1.b Graduating teachers have pedagogical content knowledge appropriate to the learners and learning areas of their programme. Maths has changed a lot since I left school. When I was in primary school maths generally revolved around teachers modelling an equation and then the students were given a whole bunch of... Continue Reading →

Don’t Bully me?

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 4.f Graduating teachers demonstrate commitment to and strategies for promoting and nurturing the physical and emotional safety of learners. I would write about my first day of school, but I love my school so much that such slavish devotion is boring to read. Hopefully by the end of the week... Continue Reading →

Learning the art of stepping back

Graduating Teacher Standard 2.a Graduating teachers have knowledge of a range of relevant theories and research about pedagogy, human development and learning. Possibly the most important lesson I have learned in my Teacher Education programme so far was actually way back during the application process. Zuh you say? Read on. As part of the application... Continue Reading →

Guidelines for student teacher bloggers

New Zealand Graduating Standard 7.b Graduating Teachers have knowledge and understanding of the ethical, professional and legal responsibilities of teachers. A few weeks ago I wondered out loud whether Should student teachers blog. I decided that despite the risks, blogging is a great tool for student teachers. I was going to come up with a... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: Speaking in Tongues

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 1.d Graduating Teachers have content and pedagogical content knowledge for supporting English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners to succeed in the curriculum. Our key topic this week was English as Additional Language (EAL) learners, which is the current phrase to describe students who enter school speaking another language. This... Continue Reading →

Challenging tomorrow’s teachers to learn Te Reo

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 6.e Graduating Teachers demonstrate respect for te reo Māori me ngā tikanga-a-iwi in their practice. During my first time at university I was one of the student representatives on the university council. Aside from arguing with the powers-that-be to keep student fees down, I sat through A LOT of graduations.... Continue Reading →


Graduating Teacher Standard 2.b "Graduating teachers have knowledge of a range of relevant theories, principles and purposes of assessment and evaluation." In the last week or so newsmedia sites were awash with stories that a prominent Auckland boys' secondary school has directed its year 11 students to sit for the University of Cambridge's international exams... Continue Reading →

Discrimination by a thousand paper cuts

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 6.a Graduating Teachers have the knowledge and dispositions to work effectively with colleagues, parents/caregivers, families/whānau and communities. I was once out to dinner at a reasonably fancy restaurant with my boyfriend at the time. The waiter rounded off his spiel about the specials for the evening by telling us 'this... Continue Reading →

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