Guest post from a school student: what makes a good teacher?

I'm very honoured to have another brilliant guest post from a current school student on the topic 'what makes a good teacher? A good primary school teacher doesn’t have to be a genius. They don’t have to let you get away with anything (but that’s always a bonus). But if you are lucky enough to spend some time... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Educating an autistic child is an opportunity

Many thanks to the author of the wonderful blog Autism and Oughtisms for agreeing to write this spectacular post. Although the post is intended for student teachers it has lessons for everyone within the education system. I’m going to start this post by telling you to read something else, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the symptoms of... Continue Reading →

A student speaks: What makes a good teacher?

During my studies I read a lot from professors and other teachers about what makes a good teacher but I never hear from the most important people of all, current students! So I have handed  the microphone to 'lessons to be learned,'  a year 9 student, to give a guest lecture to future and current teachers... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Guilt By ‘Association’

Many thanks for Kimberley Rivett for this wonderful post on student teaching from the Associate Teacher's perspective. Kimberley's awesome teaching blog can be found over at  e-learning 2011. Every year I have the most amazing shared journey with a new person in my life. Every year, a young, vibrant, passionate, enthusiastic student teacher dances into my... Continue Reading →

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