Christmas fashions   

 Part of the fun of having a fashion unit at this time of year... Using tinsel for clothing purposes.        

Weekly Reflection: Still on a high from #ignition2012

ZOMG I'm still totally buzzing from ignition. After I returned home on Thursday, I spent the last  two three days at school getting things ready. I've done a brief rearrange of my furniture and am starting to do some work on the daily 5. However I'm sure the current set-up won't last long as during the first... Continue Reading →

Aborted Landings, Airsick Bags and… Teaching?

I’m recent arrival both to teaching and to the city of Wellington. Over the summer I made the move from Auckland to the capital to take up my first teaching position. With my wordly possessions making their way by road, I decided to fly to my new home. Despite my love of travelling around the... Continue Reading →

#Ignition2012 – We’ve got MAGIC to do

I always feel uncomfortable when people start talking about leadership. Especially if it happens to be in the context of events that have the tag 'Emerging Leader' 'Young Leader' or 'Future Leader.' Leaders have interesting things to say, leaders have responsibilities, leaders don't forget to take the class roll after lunch. Me? I think opinionated geek... Continue Reading →

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