Talking to strangers

As part of building businesses, the children wrote a pitch and then presented to children during lunch. Some children took to the challenge, others found it incredibly challenging to approach their peers to talk about their businesses. With the best of intentions, we teach our children not to talk to strangers. But by doing so we... Continue Reading →

Teaching boys to nurture

One of my students made some unwise decisions at lunch time. Anger got the better of him and he was now relegated to spending lunchtime with me. Part of my lunchtime is spent on duty in the kindy area of the school so off we went. Initially, the boy was hesitant to interact with the younger... Continue Reading →

It’s monday what are you reading?

Cross-class collaboration can happen in 15 minutes: At lunch time I get a notification with a simple question - can your students share what they are reading at the moment. Sure why not? The kids are excited to see books  they are reading are also being enjoyed by children across town.   But... Continue Reading →

Yearly transitions

  I'm not a huge fan of the tradition of handing kids off to different adults at the end of every year. Particularly in international schools where the children experience so much change in their lives. Yet as I'm heading into the last term, I'm already starting to think about transitions.Often transitions are something we... Continue Reading →

Someone to talk to…

A student of mine has been some unwise choices which regrettably has led to spending lunchtimes and snack times with me for the next week. This could easily be viewed as a burden, particularly for the child. Yet over the week, we've been spending a lot of time really talking about the things going on... Continue Reading →

A long day

Long days are never just one thing. A series of small things build up over time almost always not actually about teaching. But tomorrow is another day...

The real countdown in the last term..

"Not long until holidays..." "Just 9 weeks to go..." "Next year, that will be someone else's problem..." It can be so easy in the last term to slip into countdown mode. Assessments, reports, paperwork. As each item is checked off, that long break gets just a little closer. But you know what else gets closer? The... Continue Reading →

Take time to reflect…

How often do we ask students to reflect on something they've just finished? How often are we happy with the responses? One of the misconceptions I've laboured under is that reflections have to take place as quickly as possible after something has happened. A debrief of important learning engagements is important to set the scene for... Continue Reading →

How might we better involve parents in inquiry? #pypinnovation

One of the challenges in transforming learning in schools is taking our parental community with us on the journey. Parent experience of school  can be a strong influence on how they view learning. In order to overcome this challenge, schools give information evenings, have student-led conferences and showcase learning at mini-exhibitions. Traditionally we've waited until... Continue Reading →

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