Sights of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a very important celebration in Singapore. As a result, most international schools will have a large celebration for the children. In class the children took part in the prosperity toss, a raw fish salad served with vegetables that are tossed into the air. There is also a dragon dance which brings... Continue Reading →

Close and Far Away

In an age of instant communication and jet aircraft we fool ourselves into thinking that distance is irrelevant. We can send messages in seconds and dash across the world in a day. We don't need to be there, we can FaceTime. Yet for those important moments, we want to be there. Some days that distance feels so far... Continue Reading →

The last one left on the island…

One of the joys of international school teaching is spending holidays in exotic locations - even if that exotic location is your 'home' country. However in a few days, home is coming to visit me. With the explosion of airport check ins and snaps of alluring new locations to visit on Facebook it can be easy... Continue Reading →

The joys of international school teaching

One of the joys of teaching in an international school context is taking part in new cultural celebrations. This time it is Diwali that the children had a chance to enjoy learning about the art, fashion and most importantly, the food of a different culture. These events are often the result of many hours of work... Continue Reading →

What is an international school?

One of the inevitable questions you get asked when you are travelling for an extended period is, "What do you do?" When I answer I'm an international school teacher in Singapore, most people assume that I'm teaching English as a Foreign Language to Singaporeans at a language school. I have taught English, both in a language school... Continue Reading →

Hiraeth – saying goodbye

Hiraeth: "homesickness tinged with grief or sadness over the lost or departed. It is a mix of longing, yearning, nostalgia, wistfulness, the grief for lost places in your past" The end of the school year brings with it a huge rush of emotions. Relief that the frenzied activity of the year has come to end.... Continue Reading →

The airport run…  a global village.

The last day of school in an international school is often accompanied by an airport run where both students and staff jet off to a new location. In the space of 24 hours I: Bumped into 3 families from my school in two continents. Was seated next to colleague and his family on the flight... Continue Reading →

Authentic Connections – lets bring the purpose back into @SkypeClassroom

The classes I teach have always been connected to the outside world. Blogs, flickr, twitter, skype, facetime, hangouts. The tools have never been important. It's been the ability to connect to help further learning that has always been the draw for how I wish students to use technology in the classroom. When I look at the times... Continue Reading →

Comings and Goings

This time of year many international families are on the move. Some are moving back to their 'home' countries, some on to another location others saying goodbye as they watch cherished friends depart. International children have little control over this part of their life. It's just a roller-coaster of farewells and hellos. Over the next few weeks, it can... Continue Reading →

Making class parties more sustainable

As we start moving into the end of the year in the northern hemisphere, class parties will start being organised. In previous years I've been a 'lets slip in a dvd' and order pizza kind of teacher. Often we had a shared lunch where the kids would overindulge on processed food as well as fizzy drinks and... Continue Reading →

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