Homesickness – AKA Social Media FOMO

My Facebook life looks awesome. Every few weeks I jet off to foreign lands, I dragonboat, I share cool stuff going on at school. This is the awesome part of being an international teacher. However the non-awesome part can rear its ugly head every so often, homesickness. This week it hit with a vengeance. While I... Continue Reading →

On learning Te Reo Maori… in Singapore

One of the joys of working in an international hub like Singapore is that you get to host visitors from your home country to your school. Another joy of teaching in an international school is how readily the kids will want to learn a new language and follow new traditions, in this case a Maori action... Continue Reading →

Forever Young

I first came to Hiroshima for a visa run when I was teaching English in the Republic of Korea.Of all the things I remember about Japan, the visit to Peace Memorial Museum was perhaps the most vivid. Many of the victims of the August 6 visit were junior high students on work details. Their stained uniforms... Continue Reading →

Bubble catcher meets sketchnoting meets Big Idea Friday

One of the things I love about being online is that you can mix and match ideas from people all over the world with your own to develop learning programmes. I have always been enamoured with @sherrattsam bubble catcher I first saw when I visited him Bangkok. When I met up with him again in Ho Chi... Continue Reading →

Read alouds in Mother tounges 

With book week at my school, my classroom assistant suggested that she read a book to the kids in Hindi. As a follow up my polyglot class are jumping to bring in favorites from their own languages.The benefits of this have been huge:Monolingual students get to experience being a situation where they don't understand the... Continue Reading →

Chinese New Year in Singapore – Yusheng or prosperity toss

One of the joys of being part of the international school community is taking part in new traditions. Alongside the lion and dragon dances, there is Yusheng or prosperity toss. You can buy ready made packs of ingredients at the local supermarket. The most important ingredient is the raw fish which symoolizes prosperity for the... Continue Reading →

Bringing the classroom out into the world…

A few days ago I ventured out into Singapore with my class to capture different cultures as part of the My Story. Your Story. Our Story. photography project and our current Unit of Inquiry. The photos from this post are all student photos from the day. The trip involved a trip to Singapore's cultural neighbourhoods of Little... Continue Reading →

A glorious day

Fantastic photography trip into Singapore today with the students. Little India, a mosque in Arab street, China town and a boat trip on the river. International school teaching at its best.

Back to school is different in International schools 12/365

You'll be welcoming several new students to your class While you and 2/3s of the kids are jet-lagged You spend time practising  the names of new students so you don't mispronounce them... But inevitably you do... Your wallet has several different currencies But none of them are legal tender in the cafeteria... You'll push you're carry on luggage to... Continue Reading →

Being there is everything 10/365

After a frenetic three weeks visiting my family I am again airborne. There is a harried activity that comes with returning home from an extended period abroad - visiting old haunts and renewing relationships. The joy of touching down is quickly eclipsed by the awful realization that there is not enough time to do all... Continue Reading →

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