Get the technology outside

iPads are made to be taken outside. Children learn all sorts of places and contexts. They need ways to document their experiences, to remix ideas. Where the children are learning the devices need to follow. How are children to learn to care for technology if they are not entrusted with the responsibility? //

10 tips for managing shared iPads

This was a brief presentation I gave for the elementary teachers at my school on managing iPads in a classroom environment where children are sharing devices.

Where great learning with iPads really starts…

Today was like Christmas at school. Each member of the primary school teaching staff received an iPad mini. For the amount of time and effort we put into technology, the most important person who needs the device first is the teacher. They need to understand what it does, play with it. Then start thinking about... Continue Reading →

There are several apps for that..

"I think skitch would be best... You can add arrows and words" "How about path on.. It looks better..." My Year 4s are at the point where they are deciding their own tools for capturing their learning. They are becoming sophisticated in their choices, understanding there will be more than one tool for the same... Continue Reading →

Neat erosion experiment

As part of our current Unit of Inquiry into how the world works my class is looking at soil erosion. I love experiments like this that happen over a long period of time as each day the first thing the kids do when they come to class is take a look for changes. You'll need... Continue Reading →

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