Using iPads to make a paperless Words their Way

I am not a huge fan of Words their Way. Mostly because of the vast amount of time and paper that goes into cutting up words for the kids to sort out latter .  The words got lost, could only be used by one group at a time. Jennie Magiera sent me down the road of... Continue Reading →

Bubble catcher meets sketchnoting meets Big Idea Friday

One of the things I love about being online is that you can mix and match ideas from people all over the world with your own to develop learning programmes. I have always been enamoured with @sherrattsam bubble catcher I first saw when I visited him Bangkok. When I met up with him again in Ho Chi... Continue Reading →

Taking the text out of assessment for learning – Inforubrics

Formative assessment is a tricky beast. Rubrics are way to get the children reflecting and showing growth on their learning. However they are often text heavy and written in teacher speak. This makes it hard for children to identify learning priorities and document how they have shifted in their learning. Enter the inforubric. A set of simple concepts... Continue Reading →

On being less helpful…

"Have you shared your Google doc with the group?"The discussion director is hunched over his macbook impatient to get the literacy circle under way. Extensions like doctopus have their place. However I often wonder if in a quest to make our lives easier teachers are robbing of opportunities to develop their own ICT skills and decide on... Continue Reading →

Bringing the classroom out into the world…

A few days ago I ventured out into Singapore with my class to capture different cultures as part of the My Story. Your Story. Our Story. photography project and our current Unit of Inquiry. The photos from this post are all student photos from the day. The trip involved a trip to Singapore's cultural neighbourhoods of Little... Continue Reading →

#ADEClassof2015 – Applications are open

Every two years or so Apple opens applications to the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) programme. Applications have just opened for the next intake of into the programme. Like anything in education, the programme is not without its critics. However in my experience so many of the teachers selected into the programme describe their acceptance into the... Continue Reading →

Taking inspiration to timelapse our cafeteria 30/365

Our how we express ourselves unit has given my class some powerful inspirations to create their own art. Louie Schwartzberg's Ted Talk about nature and gratitude, had the children not only exploring hidden beauty around the school. The children were fascinated with timelapse but the time to capture anything was rather short. I challenged the class to think of... Continue Reading →

From inspiration to action 26/365

One of the challenges I issued myself after my visit to NIST was to be more mindful of unpacking  Primary Years Programme (PYP) attitudes with my class. The class is currently exploring a unit of inquiry into 'Cultures express themselves through the Arts.' The children have been looking at this concept through lens of photography as they prepare a portfolio of... Continue Reading →

Classroom iPads one week in 17/365

It's been one week since my class received a set of iPads to use in the classroom. We'd been relying on a bookable set of iPads but having the devices in the classroom has made them so much better. Students have developed a sense of ownership over the devices. A strong essential agreement was an... Continue Reading →

Setting up shared classroom iPads 13/365

Over the christmas break Santa delivered my class a set of 8 iPads. I have more than 8 kids in my class so here is how I've set up my iPads to keep the personal function while keeping logins to a minimum. First things first... Before I even opened the cupboard, the class crafted an... Continue Reading →

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