Refreshing Restorative Practices 29/365

Of all the PD I've undertaken so far in my teaching career, the restorative practices workshop I undertook during my first year of has left an indelible mark on my professional life. Although the term workshop sells short what I learned during my time as a provisionally registered teacher. Restorative practices permeated through everything we did as a school. Not just between... Continue Reading →

Home learning – less is more 24/365

Disclaimer - I totally stole my home learning template from @sherrattsam and Chad I highly recommend their blog Time Space Education Rather than give the children preset tasks my English and a unit of Inquiry home learning consists of a simple provocation and a blank sheet of paper. From there the children are expected to... Continue Reading →

A great to start the day – dance 22/365

One of the great joys of teaching in New Zealand schools is a programme called jump jam. It's an aerobics programme that mixes catchy popular music with kid appropriate aerobic moves. A huge number of schools back in the land of the long white cloud use Jump Jam in the morning to get kids moving... Continue Reading →

Sorting out, not tuning in 18/365

It's the start if a new term, a new unit. Instead spending the week tuning in, the children have been sorting out patterns and non-patterns, lines of symmetry in their natural environment. They've been deciding where to go to take pictures to tell the story of life in Singapore. These ideas might seem disconnected. But... Continue Reading →

Classroom iPads one week in 17/365

It's been one week since my class received a set of iPads to use in the classroom. We'd been relying on a bookable set of iPads but having the devices in the classroom has made them so much better. Students have developed a sense of ownership over the devices. A strong essential agreement was an... Continue Reading →

Is it time to throw away books? 16/365

Over the June school holidays I had the pleasure of traveling through the United States. One of my pre-trip rituals is to buy a Lonely Planet for destinations I am visiting. Despite the advances in technology, there's nothing more exhilarating than opening a guidebook to your next destination. Attractions are mulled, itineraries are debated and... Continue Reading →

Visual silhouettes – provoking conversation at learning conferences 15/365

Over this week the kids have been working on a visual goal to represent their 'word' for the term. The word was chosen from the IB learner profile or an attitude from the PYP tree. First I asked the kids to think about how they could show this word using only their shadows. I then... Continue Reading →

Why don’t they teach that in school… 14/365

Every so often an article like 'Monolingual Kiwis a risk to the economy' pops up in the news media that can be quickly fixed if only something was taught in school. It seems awfully dehumanizing to me that an educational system is there to service the needs of the economy by producing humans with relevant... Continue Reading →

Setting up shared classroom iPads 13/365

Over the christmas break Santa delivered my class a set of 8 iPads. I have more than 8 kids in my class so here is how I've set up my iPads to keep the personal function while keeping logins to a minimum. First things first... Before I even opened the cupboard, the class crafted an... Continue Reading →

Back to school is different in International schools 12/365

You'll be welcoming several new students to your class While you and 2/3s of the kids are jet-lagged You spend time practising  the names of new students so you don't mispronounce them... But inevitably you do... Your wallet has several different currencies But none of them are legal tender in the cafeteria... You'll push you're carry on luggage to... Continue Reading →

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