Mid-year start of school activities 11/365

Of all the changes that I've experienced in the last year, the one I struggle with the most is moving into the northern hemisphere school year. No longer do Christmas decorations signal the start of a long holiday, farewelling of current students and looking towards welcoming a new group of students. Instead I spent most... Continue Reading →

Being there is everything 10/365

After a frenetic three weeks visiting my family I am again airborne. There is a harried activity that comes with returning home from an extended period abroad - visiting old haunts and renewing relationships. The joy of touching down is quickly eclipsed by the awful realization that there is not enough time to do all... Continue Reading →

One word visual goals – a powerful form of thinking 8/365

I hate setting SMART targets. Both for myself and also with the students. I hate reducing the complexity of learning down to some meaningless sentence that I write down somewhere and then forget about. The kids goals often end up being more behaviour focused rather than learning focused. Moreover the process of writing often impedes... Continue Reading →

When books tell their own story 7/365

An old children's picture book sits on the kitchen counter. Over the next few hours my brother, sister and I all comment on how much we loved this book when we were children. The colourful pictures and the story of dragon who loses his gold but gets a surprise birthday party from the children in... Continue Reading →

A phone is no longer a phone 6/365

My parents' phone rings. I ask my 3 year old nephew if he wants to talk to grandad. After a few seconds, he looks at the phone confused. "But grandad I can't see you..." He can hear a voice but where is the face? This device makes no sense, just buttons to push randomly. My... Continue Reading →

10 tweets that add value 5/365

@whatedsaid ponders what types of tweets that don't add value. The beauty of Twitter is that if you find someone isn't adding value to your timeline, you can unfollow them. I've unfollowed some edu rock stars after just a few days yet followed unknown tweeters for years. This medley of educators keeps my timeline alive... Continue Reading →

A visual goal for the year ahead

@amyburvall suggested we share our 'skinny jean goal' for the year ahead. Being a verbose person I needed a word, in this case focus. In 2015 I plan to focus: on learning, more than teaching listening more than speaking less on consumption, more on creation asking questions rather than answering them being active rather than... Continue Reading →

2014 in review 14 posts from 2014 3/365 #blogaday

WordPress puts together an annual report for its user. According to the report: I published 38 posts (half of the previous year) There were 93,000 page views March 3rd was my busiest day with 1,096 views Sunday was my most popular day to post Facebook and Twitter were the main sources of traffic Most visitors... Continue Reading →

Playground collaboration 2/365 #blogaday

Yesterday I went to the playground with my friend and her two lovely young sons. I took the boys for a ride on the basket swing, patiently waited their turn. The older kids playing on the swing immediately got up and helped lift the boys into the swing. Then they pushed the boys on the... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Social Media Challenge 1/365 #blogaday @wordpressdotcom

I've been blogging in various forms for over 10 years. This particular blog is coming up on its 5th anniversary. Over the last decade my interest in blogging has been sporadic. Some years I've been a prolific poster, other years I've struggled to find my voice. 2014 wasn't a good years for me content-wise. I... Continue Reading →

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