Weekly Reflection: Prioritizing, prioritizing

My week-long break seems to have flown by. Did it feel like a break? Not really. I'm still currently on the job market which means I'm busy visiting websites, schools and writing job applications.  This job hunting business really does feel like a game of musical chairs.  I find myself torn between the scatter gun... Continue Reading →

My first teaching job interview was a group one – and I loved it!

Last Friday I had my first teaching job interview. I was very humbled to get to this stage of the process as I know the school had received a huge amount of interest not mention applications from all over the North Island and some from the South as well! But this was a job interview with... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection – the job search game

I would remiss in my Weekly Reflection if I did not mention the Rugby World Cup. The school where I am currently completing my Teaching Experience is right on the edge of Auckland's CBD, so the students and I were right in the thick of the action of Friday's opening ceremony. During the week the students... Continue Reading →

Advice needed: Writing a good teaching CV (beginning teacher edition)

Now that job application season is upon us, I've spent way too much time writing and then rewriting my CV and myself asking the same question, "what does a good teaching CV for a beginning teacher look like?" So I'm putting that question out into the blogosphere for the Having been on the hiring side... Continue Reading →

Something to teach, something to learn: why #educampakl rocked!

I've gone to a few conferences in my time and have noticed that often the best learning takes place in the bar afterwards. Enter Educampakl. Based on the Barcamp conference, Educamps are conferences in which the participants generate the content for the day. I find it amazing that teachers will give up a Saturday to... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection – Holidays are for learning too!

Aside from Nethui and EdCampTT  the other thing I've been doing with my holidays is visiting  schools that I had an interest in teaching for in 2012. Although each school had a different organisational culture and leadership style the common theme I've had from talking to the principals and teachers I've met along the way... Continue Reading →

Advice needed: finding your first teaching job

In the words of Johnny Cash, I hear the train a comin' it's rollin' 'round the bend. But in my case I'm not singing the blues about being stuck in Folsom Prison, but rather finding my first 'real' teaching job. I'm six months out from graduating and all of a sudden the prospect of job... Continue Reading →

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