On finishing the school year strong

There are three weeks until the end of the school year. Three weeks. This year has gone by in the blink of eye and despite the lack of christmas decorations, I find myself in countdown mode. Reports are in the final stages of being proofed and ready to enter. The final summative task is ready... Continue Reading →

Bringing the classroom out into the world…

A few days ago I ventured out into Singapore with my class to capture different cultures as part of the My Story. Your Story. Our Story. photography project and our current Unit of Inquiry. The photos from this post are all student photos from the day. The trip involved a trip to Singapore's cultural neighbourhoods of Little... Continue Reading →

Putting together pieces of the learning puzzle… 25/365

Over the weekend I presented at the Google Apps for Education summit in Bangkok. Since I was going to be in the city, my principal kindly gave me a release day to observe the teachers at the New International School of Thailand (NIST) in action. Spending time in another school observing teaching in other schools... Continue Reading →

A great to start the day – dance 22/365

One of the great joys of teaching in New Zealand schools is a programme called jump jam. It's an aerobics programme that mixes catchy popular music with kid appropriate aerobic moves. A huge number of schools back in the land of the long white cloud use Jump Jam in the morning to get kids moving... Continue Reading →

A phone is no longer a phone 6/365

My parents' phone rings. I ask my 3 year old nephew if he wants to talk to grandad. After a few seconds, he looks at the phone confused. "But grandad I can't see you..." He can hear a voice but where is the face? This device makes no sense, just buttons to push randomly. My... Continue Reading →

Playground collaboration 2/365 #blogaday

Yesterday I went to the playground with my friend and her two lovely young sons. I took the boys for a ride on the basket swing, patiently waited their turn. The older kids playing on the swing immediately got up and helped lift the boys into the swing. Then they pushed the boys on the... Continue Reading →

From assembly to maker faire… #adechat #pathon @bookcreatorapp

Another unit of inquiry ends. It made sense that a unit which started with creating ended with creating. Like many schools, our primary school has regular assemblies which are led by different year groups to showcase learning. When we look at the purpose of assemblies they are: An opportunity for children to express themselves and present their learning.... Continue Reading →

Sometimes the hassle of tech just isn’t worth it…

There are moments in teaching where everything around you has turned to custard. Resources arrive late, there's a big event happening and the technology isn't playing ball. Yep you read right. Even us technology enthusiasts have days where we wonder out loud after having plans and back up plans fall through. The classroom is in disarray and we seethe. Technology... Continue Reading →

Video newsletters = easy and awesome! Thanks @shareski

Writing newsletters is one of least favourite chores. I'm not sure how many parents actually read the newsletter, moreover the production of newsletters takes time away from the things that matter. Could this old-style communication become more effective? Enter Dean Shareski. One of his suggestions from the recent Singapore Google Apps for Education summit was the idea of... Continue Reading →

Making time to share

I often wonder why it is that the most important things we do in a classroom are often the things we quickly push aside. How often do we give our kids a real opportunity to share their learning? Too often the conversations are between teacher and student rather than between the students themselves. Sharing puts yourself... Continue Reading →

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