Decluttering pedagogy – creating space to spark curiosity

I'm about three years late reading Marie Kondo's Joy of Tidying Up. The thesis of the book is that if an item doesn't spark joy, then dispose of it. To an international school teacher, living light is a necessity. ¬†Sentimentality goes in the bin along with your unwanted possessions when you are under a strict... Continue Reading →


Binary question – a thinking enviroment

A few months ago on Instagram, I came across the concept of a binary question by @braddodaddo. He puts together a question with two possible answers for students to answer using counters. I love the idea of starting of the week with something to get children thinking. The idea of two choices so simple, yet... Continue Reading →

5 things we need to stop pretending #MakeSchoolDifferent

It's been a few months since @mcleod put out his 5 things we need to stop pretending blogpost. Better late than never with my response. 1. The lower the age group of students, the less¬†important the work of the teacher... There's a misconception particularly in the general public that early childhood education is all about... Continue Reading →

One word visual goals – a powerful form of thinking 8/365

I hate setting SMART targets. Both for myself and also with the students. I hate reducing the complexity of learning down to some meaningless sentence that I write down somewhere and then forget about. The kids goals often end up being more behaviour focused rather than learning focused. Moreover the process of writing often impedes... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Magic being done

My first week back after #ignition2012 seems to have flown by in a haze of some awesomeness. Classroom-redesign - I haven't been at all happy with the way my classroom is configured and have been lusting after creating a more flexible learning space. However after @annekenn challenged me to take the kids on board, one... Continue Reading →

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