Makerspace or Making Space for Learning?

As computers have become more ubiquitous, old-style computer labs have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Children don't go to a separate room to learn programmes just in case they might need to use them as adults. They are using programmes as part of their learning now, with a strong likelihood that the device and... Continue Reading →

Skype isn’t just for Mystery Skypes

Isn't amazing in education how often a tool gets used for just one purpose. For instance, if I say Skype in relation to education, the word mystery often comes up in conversation. Yet there are more ways Skype can be used to inform learning including that of teachers.   For instance, you see an idea... Continue Reading →

Parent involvement – why do we wait until the end of the unit?

"This is a mini-exhibition so we're going to have parents in at the end of the task..." As we are throwing ideas out it suddenly occurs to me that this is an assumption that needs to be killed in schools. Why do we wait until the exhibition the final project to invite parents in. For... Continue Reading →

2015 in Review – Top 3 Learning opportunities

As 2015 draws to a close, I'm going to follow Chris Kennedy's lead with some year in review lists over the next few days. First up, the top 3 learning opportunities that I have take part in this year. Project Zero Classroom - The week-long institute at Harvard Graduate School of Education was the perfect mix of thought-provoking... Continue Reading →

What’s worth learning in school? #learning2

Over the last few weeks, there's been a lot of discussion online in response to two talks at Learning2 Asia. The first, Breaking Traditional Moulds by @sherrattsam is a call for schools to reclaim their rightful place as a force social change society. The second, What Gets Cut, by @wayfaringpath argues that we need to start looking at what we... Continue Reading →

How often do we feed passions in schools?

The first week of school holidays has been spent meandering through Paris. A lot of people come for the architecture and the shopping. Me? I came for the food. Alongside the consumption of food, I do love to cook. One of my favourite things to do in a new country is a cooking class. Often... Continue Reading →

Forever Young

I first came to Hiroshima for a visa run when I was teaching English in the Republic of Korea.Of all the things I remember about Japan, the visit to Peace Memorial Museum was perhaps the most vivid. Many of the victims of the August 6 visit were junior high students on work details. Their stained uniforms... Continue Reading →

Some days your best isn’t good enough

Some days everything just clicks into place. You fly through the day each action building on the other making a hard job seem easy. Other days you find yourself giving more than you thought you had in you and it still isn't enough. Yet there is always the prospect of tomorrow. A chance to start afresh but wiser from... Continue Reading →

Why do some teachers hide away?

Observations. For my love of going into other people's classrooms, I always feel a sense of dread when it comes time to do the formal observations. There's always a tendency to 'put on a show' rather than just 'do your thing.' I'm wondering why that is. Fear of stuffing up  - those lesson plans I've made... Continue Reading →

Using home learning to inform learning

Learning logs continue to be a success in class.After going through the home learning with the class, I had the kids think about next learning steps.The children quickly identified that they didn't really have much experience of being disadvantaged.I then suggested they might get in touch with a friend of mine working in development. In order... Continue Reading →

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