Using home learning to inform learning

Learning logs continue to be a success in class.After going through the home learning with the class, I had the kids think about next learning steps.The children quickly identified that they didn't really have much experience of being disadvantaged.I then suggested they might get in touch with a friend of mine working in development. In order... Continue Reading →

A fleeting visit to India

Rather than sit on a beach somewhere this Chinese New Year cheap flights had me winging my way to Mumbai. I had always been interested in visiting India but also knew it would challenge me. Sure enough there were challenges. Flight delays, getting lost, grinding poverty and a few rip offs along the way. But... Continue Reading →

One word visual goals – a powerful form of thinking 8/365

I hate setting SMART targets. Both for myself and also with the students. I hate reducing the complexity of learning down to some meaningless sentence that I write down somewhere and then forget about. The kids goals often end up being more behaviour focused rather than learning focused. Moreover the process of writing often impedes... Continue Reading →

When books tell their own story 7/365

An old children's picture book sits on the kitchen counter. Over the next few hours my brother, sister and I all comment on how much we loved this book when we were children. The colourful pictures and the story of dragon who loses his gold but gets a surprise birthday party from the children in... Continue Reading →

A visual goal for the year ahead

@amyburvall suggested we share our 'skinny jean goal' for the year ahead. Being a verbose person I needed a word, in this case focus. In 2015 I plan to focus: on learning, more than teaching listening more than speaking less on consumption, more on creation asking questions rather than answering them being active rather than... Continue Reading →

Connection without reflection and action = popularity contest #cenz14

With connected educator month coming to an end, I feel the need for a rant. If we're here talking about the value of connections again this time next year, then our detractors are right. Connecting with others online is just a popularity contest. Being a connected educator is not about how many webinars you attend, the numbers... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: holidays are for learning

Last year I boldly claimed that holidays are for learning. At that stage of my course I was beginning to look for a job. This year I entered holidays feeling totally and utterly exhausted and really couldn't see myself mustering much energy to do anything but watch re-runs of the Gilmore Girls in my PJs.... Continue Reading →

Learning to ask for help… from the inside

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 7.c Graduating Teachers work co-operatively with those who share responsibility for the learning and wellbeing of learners. I've been wondering about whether to make this post, firstly because it breaks vow not to blog about specific incidents but more importantly I'm blogging about work on the internet. However I am... Continue Reading →

Are degrees worth the debt?

I still have a student loan. Not a big one, but it's still there.  Prior to embarking on University 2.0, my loan was into the four-figure territory but this round of tuition fees has me back in the five figures again. Thank goodness this time around the loans are interest-free, because without it my loan would still be well... Continue Reading →

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