“You enjoy teaching?” 9/365

My class and I were talking about things we are appreciative in our lives. The first thing I mentioned was my job. "You actually enjoy teaching?" one of my students gasped. "Of course I do, why do you seem so surprised?" I wondered. "It's just most adults don't like their jobs." Another shrugged. I wanted... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Why do we treat behaviour differently from learning?

This week a bit of my time and concentration has been focused on unwise decisions made by my students. I've run the full gamut of emotions; shock, anger, denial and sadness all the time trying to keep my cool. It's funny the way we view behaviour. If a kid makes a mistake when they are... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Inertia

My knowledge of physics ends at barely scraping through a pass in high school. However over the last week I've been thinking a lot about inertia, the principle that every object has to preserve its present state whether in movement or not. The bigger object, the more energy there is needed to get moving. What on... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: From Knowledge to Action #pypchat

People have unique to express their feelings This was the central idea for my first unit of inquiry as a Primary Years Programme (PYP) teacher. As part of the unit's provocation my class and I watched Kindness Boomerang and I challenged the kids to come up with ways to apply the big idea of the clip to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Losing my blogging mojo

So it seems that I am HUGELY behind in my posting schedule. After being so dutiful with recording my reflections as a student teacher, I must admit that as a I'm finding it hard maintaining enough energy to keep this blog going having missed not one but two weekly posts. And it's not because I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Heading towards the Beginning Teacher wall

One of the best pieces advice I received when my stepdaughter came into my life is that in parenting the days are long but the years are short. I hadn't thought about those words of wisdom until I collapsed into a heap on Friday and wondered not only where the week has gone but how fast the... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: putting bad days in prespective

August 22 is a bad day. 2 years ago this date was the worst day. I didn't know when I took that picture, which I'm sure most readers will recognize as the Twelve Apostles, that I was just a few hours away from what would be the first of many hospital admissions, blood tests, IV lines and instances... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: finding beauty in imperfection

Fun fact: I played the cello in high school. Now that I've outed myself as an orchestra geek I can talk about my instrument which was a beautiful old thing. I was convinced that the instrument had lived a long life and had an interesting story to tell. Even if the story was being played... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: Help! I’m feeling like like an imposter

For my first teaching experience I was fortunate to be placed with a year 8 enrichment class. As you can imagine the students were thoughtful, intelligent, interesting  and highly articulate. In short they were a dream class. There was just one small problem, I was absolutely terrified of teaching them. For the first few weeks I was utterly... Continue Reading →

Teaching Experience Two goal setting

Over the holidays I had a goal setting conversation with my teaching mentor about goal setting for the next Teaching Experience. During my first TE my areas of strength identified during my appraisals were: Taking on feedback Using evidence to inform teaching Classroom management Use of ICT in teaching Areas for development: Being clearer with communication with learners around... Continue Reading →

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