How a simple warm up can lead to learning

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 1.a Graduating Teachers have content knowledge appropriate to the learners and learning areas of their programme. It was just a simple maths warm up called 'guess my number.' It's kind of like hangman but for maths. Now I'm sure you are rolling your eyeballs. Hangman? Seriously? But the thing is... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Teaching Experienced

Teaching Experience 1 is all over bar submitting the paperwork (and dear god is there a lot of paperwork).The last few weeks in particular have certainly given me a lot to reflect back on as I went from an observer and small group teaching to taking responsibility for planning and teaching 4 classes a unit... Continue Reading →

Where numeracy meets maths?

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 1.b Graduating teachers have pedagogical content knowledge appropriate to the learners and learning areas of their programme. Maths has changed a lot since I left school. When I was in primary school maths generally revolved around teachers modelling an equation and then the students were given a whole bunch of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection – Upping the speed on the treadmill

The first week of first trimester has seen my workload triple. Instead of taking one course on theorists I was already¬†familiar¬†with, I am now taking three courses: numeracy, literacy and teaching strategies. Of the three courses teaching strategy is the one causing me the least headaches (I've already had 4 years in a classroom as... Continue Reading →

Making math real

A fascinating talk by Conrad Wolfram teaching kids math through computer programming. Should we still be teaching manual computation?

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