Why I’m glad I decided to study for my Teaching Diploma online

People often look at me a bit funny when I say I'm doing my teaching diploma online through University on the Hill and some of them will often say what I'm assuming most are thinking 'how can you learn to be a teacher online?' More so when they find out I live within walking distance... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: is the 1 year graduate programme enough to teach?

AKA as the first week freak out. For some reason I thought having gotten through the first half of my course I'd be feeling a bit better about semester 2. That happy feeling lasted until I cracked the spine on my course outlines for this semester and went ZOMG how am I ever going to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection – The post in which I am not going to whine exams

Since this week I was on study leave, I could whine about exams. But seeing as I moaned about that last week I feel I should be blogging about something of more substance. So instead I'll have a go at taking apart this very bad idea from KPMG: Only students doing courses that benefit the... Continue Reading →

Are degrees worth the debt?

I still have a student loan. Not a big one, but it's still there.  Prior to embarking on University 2.0, my loan was into the four-figure territory but this round of tuition fees has me back in the five figures again. Thank goodness this time around the loans are interest-free, because without it my loan would still be well... Continue Reading →

The second week slog

If my first could be characterized by a freak out, the word for my second week of study is definitely slog. As in ouch my brain hurts from slogging it out to complete my first assignment. I should of expected it. If you spend a few months away from the gym and expect to do... Continue Reading →

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