Passion changes everything

If you were to give people three qualities to describe their ideal teacher,  I'm not sure passion would rate very highly on most people's lists. While passionate people have oodles of drive and enthusiasm they can also be tough to work alongside. They have little tolerance for activities that take them away from doing what they love. Moreover... Continue Reading →

“You enjoy teaching?” 9/365

My class and I were talking about things we are appreciative in our lives. The first thing I mentioned was my job. "You actually enjoy teaching?" one of my students gasped. "Of course I do, why do you seem so surprised?" I wondered. "It's just most adults don't like their jobs." Another shrugged. I wanted... Continue Reading →

A visual goal for the year ahead

@amyburvall suggested we share our 'skinny jean goal' for the year ahead. Being a verbose person I needed a word, in this case focus. In 2015 I plan to focus: on learning, more than teaching listening more than speaking less on consumption, more on creation asking questions rather than answering them being active rather than... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Using Authenticity to Power learning

Daniel Pink's book Drive and nifty little RSA lecture have been talked about and watched in schools for a number of years now. This along with Carol Dweck's Mindset are the two books that I feel should be required reading for any teacher and more importantly any making educational policy. Pink's central thesis is that traditional... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Minecraft, MLEs and Quadblogging! Oh my!

I've become a huge quadblogging fan. For those not in the know quadblogging is when a group of four classes take turns to read and comment on individual blogs. The quad can be international or national. After a few false starts, the quad I've been involved in this year has been nothing short of awesome.   I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: catching bubbles

On the last days of my summer vacation I had the pleasure to visit @samsherratt class in Bangkok. His class blog (and an older version) is source of inspiration for me so to see the class in action was surreally wonderful. Among the dozens of ideas I saw during my time in class was the... Continue Reading →

What motivates us? It’s not what you might think…

Since last week's course material focused on motivation, I thought this wonderful you tube clip by author Daniel Pink would make a good transcript. The full transcript is here and I've also tracked down the study mentioned in the animation. Although this talk concentrates on motivation in the context of workplaces, I can't help but... Continue Reading →

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