Top 3 Lists for 2019

I borrowed this concept of ending the year with lists of both personal and professional 'top threes' from Chris Kennedy's blog, A Culture of Yes Top 3 actions I took this year Acknowledging the Christchurch Mosque attack A conversation with one of our learners who felt despondent about the attacks in New Zealand prompted me... Continue Reading →

Weaving together connections of children and parents

One of the 'ice breaker' sessions I used to start the year with the children in my class was to a connection web. The children introduced themselves through objects, I also had a ball of wool for the children. After each child spoke, another would follow based on a connection between each other. Favorite subjects, a... Continue Reading →

Re-thinking the start of the year – what would you do differently?

The first day of school. There's already blogposts popping up on my twitter feed about dos and dont's for those few precious hours you'll spend with the children you'll spend the next year of your life. When I look back at a post I wrote a few  years ago about my plans for the start of... Continue Reading →

Start of the year video

I've done beginning of the year videos for the children I'm about to teach for the last few years. The video helps set the tone for the year and is a quick way for parents to see what's in store for their children for the school year ahead. This year, the kids were involved. The... Continue Reading →

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