Harvard yo! Project Zero Classroom

It wouldn't be summer if I wasn't doing something learning-related. This week I'm taking part in Project Zero Classroom, a week-long institute run out of Harvard University's education school. Those familiar with visible thinking routines will be aware of some of Project Zero's work. What I like about these routines is how simple actions can be utilised by students to activate... Continue Reading →

Cross Post: From Mosgiel to Mumbai – Twitter tours make connectivism MAGIC @coetail #coetail

via IFTTT One of the MAGICal moments of 2011 was meeting a MAGICal educator by the name of Anne Kenneally who lives in Mosgiel, a small town in New Zealand. I was feeling slightly out of my place as a student teacher attending an educamp for the first time. Anne was an experienced educator who... Continue Reading →

Restoring relationships through restorative practices

One of the challenging aspects of working in an international school is navigating cross-cultural differences between children. A harmless playground game can quickly escalate into a major incident when children are not aware of the ramifications of their actions. One such incident occurred last week in class when fooling for one group of children was... Continue Reading →

Refreshing Restorative Practices 29/365

Of all the PD I've undertaken so far in my teaching career, the restorative practices workshop I undertook during my first year of has left an indelible mark on my professional life. Although the term workshop sells short what I learned during my time as a provisionally registered teacher. Restorative practices permeated through everything we did as a school. Not just between... Continue Reading →

Putting together pieces of the learning puzzle… 25/365

Over the weekend I presented at the Google Apps for Education summit in Bangkok. Since I was going to be in the city, my principal kindly gave me a release day to observe the teachers at the New International School of Thailand (NIST) in action. Spending time in another school observing teaching in other schools... Continue Reading →

Common language of learning 23/365

Another day, another country, another school to visit. One of the joys of being an international school teacher particularly in South East Asia is the ability to drop into to different countries. The PYP makes these visits even better there as a common language of learning for teachers yet each school will still be unique to its context.... Continue Reading →

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