PLN Challenge 5 – Using blogs to build your PLN

PLN Challenge 5 asked educators to reflect on the use of blogs as way to building a Personal Learning Network. While twitter is great for quick conversations and finding people to connect with, tweets are only 140 characters long. Blogs are a way to develop more comprehensive thoughts and conversations Why blog? As an old-time blogger it never... Continue Reading →

Making time to build your PLN – the time is now!

PLN challenge #4 was making time for your PLN. As someone who conducts her life through a browser, the idea that people wouldn't want to interact on twitter and blogs seemed foreign. So for this post I have drawn experience from my foray into marathon running. For reasons unknown a few years ago I decided to... Continue Reading →

Building a PLN through twitter – student teachers

Right batter up for PLN Challenge #3 Build your PLN through twitter written by the friendly and always helpful Kathleen Morris. To recap, a PLN or Personal Learning Network (because educators love our acronyms) has been around forever. In the past they tended to be the friends, family or colleagues you were to for help and... Continue Reading →

What is it I learn from my PLN?

Having inadvertently completed the first educ blog challenge, What the heck is a PLN? with my Twitter will change  you life post, I thought I would take part in the second PLN Challenge, what is is it I want to learn from my PLN? 1. What do you hope to learn more about with respect to... Continue Reading →

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