Breaking educational moulds – the school production

School productions. Productions are a great way for the school community to come together to sing, dance and share stories. It gives time to the often neglected parts of the school curriculum, performing arts as well as the verbal language aspect of the English curriculum. Kids get to dress up, done costumes and enjoy performing... Continue Reading →

Irrational fears, trust and control 

"Aren't you nervous to be flying Malaysia Airlines?"No more than usual...Cheap flights to Japan made the choice a no-brainer for March holidays but truth be told I am a nervous flyer. Statistically flying is incredibly safe form of transportation. Far safer than cars and definitely a lot safer than hanging on the back of motos without... Continue Reading →

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept… #28daysofwriting

I was outside waiting for my bus today when a group of students arrived. I was in my exercise gear the kids didn't notice me. As time drifted on, a few of the student were starting to drift from what I would expect from. It was nothing major and I was running late. My bus was... Continue Reading →

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