#ishcmc3E – engage, empower, energise

4 years ago I decided to spend a day of my vacation hanging at the International School Ho Chi Minh City. That day turned into a week. Since then, I've come back three times for the school's annual 3E conference. True to the conference aims, I've been engaged, empowered and energized. Engage When I first visited ISHCMC... Continue Reading →

To the principals: keep having those ‘hard’ conversations

As the academic year gets under way we're at the point where professional work plans and goals are being set for the year ahead. This means a meeting with a professional leader where you lay out your learning for the year. Laying out your strengths and weaknesses isn't a fun process. It often involved hearing things... Continue Reading →

Re-thinking the crafting of Essential Agreements

In a Primary Years Programme (PYP) school, the formation of a team - whether staff or students - always starts off the same way creating an ‘essential agreement.' Rather than teachers imposing their rules on children, everyone in the group works together to establish an agreement of how the class will function. Like many international... Continue Reading →

Planning ‘you’ is not teaching ‘you’

  Have you ever noticed when you are on the road that planning you is different from travelling you? Planning you thinks 'hey I'll save that extra $100 by flying at 6am.' Travelling you is thinking  'what the heck?' when setting the alarm and 'what the actual heck' when trying to extricate yourself from a deep slumber at... Continue Reading →

Why students should be involved in Professional Learning for Teachers

One of the highlights of last week's Project Zero Classroom was an attending an Out of Eden presentation where the students were co-presenters. I've been to a couple of conferences where students have been involved in the conference. Sometimes they are there as helpers, others they are there as co-presenters. While helping out with admin... Continue Reading →

Harvard yo! Project Zero Classroom

It wouldn't be summer if I wasn't doing something learning-related. This week I'm taking part in Project Zero Classroom, a week-long institute run out of Harvard University's education school. Those familiar with visible thinking routines will be aware of some of Project Zero's work. What I like about these routines is how simple actions can be utilised by students to activate... Continue Reading →

How often do we feed passions in schools?

The first week of school holidays has been spent meandering through Paris. A lot of people come for the architecture and the shopping. Me? I came for the food. Alongside the consumption of food, I do love to cook. One of my favourite things to do in a new country is a cooking class. Often... Continue Reading →

Why do some teachers hide away?

Observations. For my love of going into other people's classrooms, I always feel a sense of dread when it comes time to do the formal observations. There's always a tendency to 'put on a show' rather than just 'do your thing.' I'm wondering why that is. Fear of stuffing up  - those lesson plans I've made... Continue Reading →

Why is so little teacher professional learning classroom based?

Last week Kath Murdoch tweeted out something that got me thinking. https://twitter.com/kjinquiry/status/573595148346511360 Why is so little teacher professional learning classroom based? I met Kath in a seminar room. Kath was brilliant and her workshops were illustrated with examples of her teaching. Nevertheless I still walked away thinking to myself. I really would have liked to... Continue Reading →

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