Thanks to all those who made the path to Teacher Registration more awesome

Last week I passed a significant milestone in my teaching career, I became a fully registered teacher. In New Zealand Newly Qualified Teachers go through a two year-induction and mentoring process. At the start of the process I decided that I wasn't going to keep a PRT folder in the traditional sense.  Out went the dull meeting... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: It’s been a good year

When I first became a stepparent one of my friends remarked that once you become responsible for a child, the days are very long but the years are short. I was reminded of that comment as I was grabbing my belongings in my empty classroom and realised that although there were some very long days,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Arohatia Te Reo

This reflection is probably a week late give that it Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, Māori language week, was last week. However my class was on assembly so we didn't get a chance to really get cracking on our contribution to our school's competition  in celebration of our week to celebrate one of the official languages of New... Continue Reading →

#Ignition2012 – We’ve got MAGIC to do

I always feel uncomfortable when people start talking about leadership. Especially if it happens to be in the context of events that have the tag 'Emerging Leader' 'Young Leader' or 'Future Leader.' Leaders have interesting things to say, leaders have responsibilities, leaders don't forget to take the class roll after lunch. Me? I think opinionated geek... Continue Reading →

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