Weekly Reflection: Work/life effectiveness

Another weekend away. This time I was up in Auckland for an Apple Distinguished Educator camp. This was the first time that I had met some of the New Zealand-based alumni but ouch another trip away. Could I really justify more time and money away from home? Over the week I've ended up having a... Continue Reading →

Tips for your Google Teacher Academy Application #GTASYD

It's just over a week until applications close for the next Google Teacher Academy in Chicago.  For those not in the know, every few months Google puts on a PD session for 50 teachers at a Googleplex. You can read more about the academy here. I was very fortunate to be selected for the Google... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Google Teacher Academy #GTASYD

The Google Teacher Academy. I'm sure I'm not the only person to compare receiving the acceptance email to two days in a Googleplex with 50 other passionate educators to finding a golden ticket in your inbox. After all, the competition for spots for the 50 spots open in the bi-annual programme is pretty fierce. I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Apple Distinguished Educator #ade2013

Intense. Incredible. Indescribable. I'm out of adjectives to describe my week at the Apple Distinguished Educator institute in Bali. Seven days of hardcore geeking out with a spectacular group of educators in a breath-taking location is my nirvana. I frequently had to pinch myself wondering if I was *really* there and how on earth my... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: The importance of play

On a sunny afternoon this week I ventured out with the rest of the teachers in my school to take part in a cricket skills workshop. I wasn't particularly enthused by the prospect of spending time learning about cricket. I'm an avid gym goer and for the life of me can't understand the reason why... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: #ICOT2013 Takeaways

Leave your clever at home -  Conference presentations are often a great opportunity to highlight something successful that you've undertaken which can be applied to my class. But what is more awesome is when you talk about the difficulties and outright  failures as a result of changing the way you do things. That way when... Continue Reading →

Professional Development goes global – Why Twitter for teachers rocks

The days are starting to get shorter and stationary is starting to be bought which depending on your point of view is either the end of the holidays or the start of a new school year. I'm going to go for a glass is half full interpretation and say it's the start of 2013. My... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: It’s been a good year

When I first became a stepparent one of my friends remarked that once you become responsible for a child, the days are very long but the years are short. I was reminded of that comment as I was grabbing my belongings in my empty classroom and realised that although there were some very long days,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Making an impact (project)

Over the course of this term my students have been working on an impact project on the topic of sustainability. I must admit that I stole the basic idea from ASHS. I love the idea that even at this young age, students should be thinking about how they can use their own talents to help... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection – Making maths awesome

This year my maths programme has been rather mundane. I had delusions of promoting some sort of Daily 5 approach to maths but nothing really came of it. I was simply going through the motions teaching strategies but not really enjoying it. Maths was something I had to teach but the passion wasn't there. Last... Continue Reading →

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