My #soccon13 presentation

I’ve called this presentation bringing our classrooms and in that vein I hope that you’ll join the conversation via twitter. My username is @traintheteacher and I’ll be putting out links I’ve talked about on twitter using the hashtag #soccon13. I’m happy to answer questions here or online. Last weekend I had one of those meltdowns... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection – on your way to Disco

This year I volunteered to be the teacher in charge of Student Council which also means I'm the teacher in charge of organising the school discos. Officially the student council run disco but there are limitations to 11 and 12 year olds organisational skills. Organising permission slips, tickets, posters, food sales, lighting, music, prizes, decorations... Continue Reading →

10 Tips for student teachers on placement

I was recently asked by a reader if I could give my tips for surviving teaching placement, practicum, teaching experience. Having gone through the experience myself and having watched two sets of student teachers come into our school, I'm not too far removed but I also get the benefit of seeing part of the other... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Wind days

Some schools have snow days. In Wellington we have wind days. Wellington is windy at the best of times but there winds recorded in excess of 200km an hour with 15m swells along the south coast. On Thursday night a lack of buses in the CBD due to a storm had me walking home. As... Continue Reading →

Tips for your Google Teacher Academy Application #GTASYD

It's just over a week until applications close for the next Google Teacher Academy in Chicago.  For those not in the know, every few months Google puts on a PD session for 50 teachers at a Googleplex. You can read more about the academy here. I was very fortunate to be selected for the Google... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Google Teacher Academy #GTASYD

The Google Teacher Academy. I'm sure I'm not the only person to compare receiving the acceptance email to two days in a Googleplex with 50 other passionate educators to finding a golden ticket in your inbox. After all, the competition for spots for the 50 spots open in the bi-annual programme is pretty fierce. I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: invisible work

Over the last two weeks of school holidays I have watched my twitter feed light up with hashtags from barious conferences and hui happening around the country: #ignition2013, #NAPPNZ13, #byod13 #tfchch13. It's a sign of the  New Zealand teaching workforce learning and sharing together. That’s just the tip of a rather large iceburg. Up down... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection (Re)igniting passions #ignition13

Term 1 holidays for me are now synonymous with ignition. For those not in the know ignition is a 2 day un-conference. You throw a 100 or so passionate educators in a room and MAGIC ensues. When I look over last year's post, I remember how super-charged I felt after attending the event. I know the learning... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Apple Distinguished Educator #ade2013

Intense. Incredible. Indescribable. I'm out of adjectives to describe my week at the Apple Distinguished Educator institute in Bali. Seven days of hardcore geeking out with a spectacular group of educators in a breath-taking location is my nirvana. I frequently had to pinch myself wondering if I was *really* there and how on earth my... Continue Reading →

#ADE2013 Part 1 – it’s what you do with the technology that counts

At the end of last year Apple called for applications for the Apple Distinguished Educator programme.  The application consisted of a series of essays and a 2 minute video. Despite being heinously busy trying to finish reports, I figured I'd give it a go thinking that the application process itself would be an awesome reflective tool to document... Continue Reading →

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