New Beginnings – moving during a pandemic

The pandemic moved from raging around the periphery of life in Singapore to forcing those of us on the little red dot into our homes to join millions of others in off-campus learning.  Then I said a 'hard goodbye' to my awesome Year 6 teaching team and my home for the last six years in... Continue Reading →

Teacher the computer ate my homework.

Urgh. So my laptop has been a bit unhappy of late. It's thrown a few tantrums when I've had too many applications open, needing some reboots, and the battery for some reason decided to stop recharging. But as long as I talked nicely to it, Pinky the Laptop had behaved and done everything I asked... Continue Reading →

The first week freak out

"A 4,000 word essay due in 2 weeks and an exam in less than a month. I may never emerge from the mountain of readings I will be doing in the next four weeks" My facebook update after the first day of classes. My first week of university I found myself overwhelmed at the amount... Continue Reading →

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