Masters progress

This year I decided to add to my workload by doing a masters part time.  First assignment looms...  

2015 in review – top 3 edutalks

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I love the power of video content in particular the power to rewind and re-think messages. These three edutalks I still remember the messages weeks after I've seen them. Breaking Education moulds - Sam Sherratt I was very fortunate to be in the room for this talk, yet I still... Continue Reading →

I don’t know how she does it…

A few weeks ago a blog post it's for the kids...  from @kerriattamatea got me thinking. How often when you talk about doing something new or different have you heard: "I don't know where you find the time..." "That would be nice if I didn't have to do..." "You obviously don't have a life..." "Don't you ever sleep?!" Teachers are... Continue Reading →

Breaking educational moulds – the school production

School productions. Productions are a great way for the school community to come together to sing, dance and share stories. It gives time to the often neglected parts of the school curriculum, performing arts as well as the verbal language aspect of the English curriculum. Kids get to dress up, done costumes and enjoy performing... Continue Reading →

Irrational fears, trust and control 

"Aren't you nervous to be flying Malaysia Airlines?"No more than usual...Cheap flights to Japan made the choice a no-brainer for March holidays but truth be told I am a nervous flyer. Statistically flying is incredibly safe form of transportation. Far safer than cars and definitely a lot safer than hanging on the back of motos without... Continue Reading →

Making inferences…

"Ms Stephanie, I think I've got a connection," a little voice piped up. It was the last day of term, The class had just finished reading The One and Only Ivan. A fictional story of a real life gorilla who paints pictures to free his friend Ruby the elephant. I had just finished the last page.Earlier... Continue Reading →

Why do teachers rarely take sick days?

Last week I published a slightly tongue in cheek post about teacher sickness. Teachers so very rarely take days off and then spend the holidays recuperating from our aversion to calling in for cover. My inspiration for the post was the cold I was vainly trying to fight off. I've been sick since then and it wasn't until today... Continue Reading →

Bubble catcher meets sketchnoting meets Big Idea Friday

One of the things I love about being online is that you can mix and match ideas from people all over the world with your own to develop learning programmes. I have always been enamoured with @sherrattsam bubble catcher I first saw when I visited him Bangkok. When I met up with him again in Ho Chi... Continue Reading →

If you really want kids to understand copyright, get them to create

The children in my class are putting together an iBook using their photos from the trip from a few weeks ago.  As the children are choosing images to go with their writing several realise they haven't taken images to help them tell their story. But their friends do. "Can I use your photo?" In that minute, copyright comes... Continue Reading →

From assembly to maker faire… #adechat #pathon @bookcreatorapp

Another unit of inquiry ends. It made sense that a unit which started with creating ended with creating. Like many schools, our primary school has regular assemblies which are led by different year groups to showcase learning. When we look at the purpose of assemblies they are: An opportunity for children to express themselves and present their learning.... Continue Reading →

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