Is social media making promoting ignorance in educators?

Interesting conversation unfolded on twitter this afternoon. First I felt a sense of relief. After being an early adopter of twitter,  last year I was finding that medium was losing value as a learning tool. The problem? I was following people who weren't adding value to my twitter feed. A simple remedy was to unfollow a... Continue Reading →

Growth – #oneword2016

One of the weird things about teaching on a northern hemisphere timetable is that end of the calendar year is halfway through a school year. It seems like a weird time to start setting goals with the school year half done. Yet it actually feels kind of right. I've gotten to know (most of) my... Continue Reading →

The power of the one word goal

Last year I followed Kath Murdoch's idea of having a one word goal. The word came from my tendency to meander down the road less taken. Sure the kids were engaged and we had done some cool stuff. But were they learning? More importantly what exactly were the kids learning? In my quest to 'wild the tame' learning, I often found myself... Continue Reading →

2015 in review – top 3 edutalks

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I love the power of video content in particular the power to rewind and re-think messages. These three edutalks I still remember the messages weeks after I've seen them. Breaking Education moulds - Sam Sherratt I was very fortunate to be in the room for this talk, yet I still... Continue Reading →

2015 in Review – Top 3 Learning opportunities

As 2015 draws to a close, I'm going to follow Chris Kennedy's lead with some year in review lists over the next few days. First up, the top 3 learning opportunities that I have take part in this year. Project Zero Classroom - The week-long institute at Harvard Graduate School of Education was the perfect mix of thought-provoking... Continue Reading →

Finally free of my student loan

I decided the best Christmas present I could give myself  was making good on my new years resolution to finally pay off my student loan. My student loan wasn't a particularly big one in comparison to others. Moreover if I was not so addicted to travel and gadgets, I could have paid the debt off a... Continue Reading →

Developing quality student questioning – through asking less questions

One of the most thought-provoking professional learning experiences I've had recently was the International School Ho Chi Minh's city 'deconstructed day' at the 3E conference I attended last week. The children were challenged to put together 5 PCs with only 3 questions from the adults in the room (which I videoed during visit) The process had... Continue Reading →

Should every conference have a ‘disrupt strand’ #learning2

Just back from a wonderful learning2 experience. Rather than go the usual route of attending workshops, I took the road less travelled and spent my time attending the disrupt strand.  Going into the conference, I had no idea how this experience would pan out. There were some awesome educators who I like to interact with online (and away... Continue Reading →

That time I forgot my lesson observation…

Lesson observations. The very thought of them often elicits, headaches, nausea and  stabbing feeling on the right side of the forehead. Perhaps I exaggerate. But no matter how long you've been teaching, having your principal or a power that be come in with a clipboard to see what you've doing is sure to get the pulse racing.... Continue Reading →

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