When does crowdsourcing become plagiarism?

I love crowdsourcing. It's a fantastic way to generate ideas for the classroom, document conferences, find links to resources or help attend conferences. I'm forever stealing and remixing ideas I've seen online in the classroom it makes be a better teacher. Yet over the last few months I've found myself concerned about the nature of some... Continue Reading →

We can’t all be right all the time – why a little bit of online conflict is a good thing

Early in my career I had a team leader who had a reputation for being highly critical. Other teachers thought this teacher was hard to work with. My team leader could harpoon an idea at any meeting big or small with a simple question: "Have you thought about..." It was a highly effective strategy. I still... Continue Reading →

Why do teachers rarely take sick days?

Last week I published a slightly tongue in cheek post about teacher sickness. Teachers so very rarely take days off and then spend the holidays recuperating from our aversion to calling in for cover. My inspiration for the post was the cold I was vainly trying to fight off. I've been sick since then and it wasn't until today... Continue Reading →

Proud to be a part of Teachers & Social Media

It's been a long time in the making but Teachers & Social Media has finally been launched. As I alluded to back in February, I was asked by Teachers Council to sit on the reference group for the project.  It's been really interesting to be involved in the development of this resource but what's been the hardest... Continue Reading →

Do clothes maketh the teacher? Musings on what professional dress for teachers

A few weeks months ago the twitterverse in New Zealand was awash with indignation when a young court reporter was asked to leave the media bench of a high profile media trial as her gold sequinned pants were deemed inappropriate for occasion. Depending of your point of view, the pants were either a symbol of... Continue Reading →

Blogging does make a difference – one teaspoon at a time

One of the purposes of my blogging has been to been to effect change. I've never for one minute thought that me putting my learning out there would shift major mountains but I did and still do think it could be used as model a different way of looking at how we document and develop... Continue Reading →

What is the purpose of the Graduating Teacher Standards?

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 7.b Graduating teachers uphold the New Zealand Teachers Council Code of Ethics/Ngā Tikanga Matatika. A few weeks ago I had someone "why were graduating teacher standards established in nz" and I thought "that's a good question to which I don't know the answer." So I decided to blog on it... Continue Reading →

My students call me by my first name and I kind of like it

I've changed my position on students calling teachers by their first names. During my first placement was at an intermediate school where I went by Ms Lastname and was reasonably convinced that this was the way to go. I didn't particularly want to be on a first name basis with my students due to always having to be... Continue Reading →

Should students call teachers by their first names?

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 6.c "Graduating teachers build effective relationships with their learners." What's in a name? Well if you are teacher a lot more than what's on your birth certificate. I remember being back in primary school where one of my teachers wistfully remarked that the students at a school he visited called... Continue Reading →

Should students assess teachers?

Graduating Teacher Standard 5.a Graduating teachers systematically and critically engage with evidence to reflect on and refine their practice. Every week or so I am supposed to have my teaching assessed by my associate teacher against the Graduating Teacher Standards. This process is part of making sure that I'm competent before I'm let loose on a... Continue Reading →

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