Makerspace or Making Space for Learning?

As computers have become more ubiquitous, old-style computer labs have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Children don't go to a separate room to learn programmes just in case they might need to use them as adults. They are using programmes as part of their learning now, with a strong likelihood that the device and... Continue Reading →

Student-led conferences – a lesson in trust

Over the years, student-led conferences have become increasingly popular in schools. Instead of the parents and teachers talking about the child while the child sits at home, the child is there not only to hear the conversation but, in theory, lead it. Yet how often do the children get a choice in: The artifacts... Continue Reading →

Whatever you think, think the opposite

Whatever you think you know about your class, your students, think the opposite. What assumptions am I making about my students and how they learn ? Those kids who are quietly engaged might just be complying with requests or wanting your approval. That boisterous child in your reading group might just be sending you a... Continue Reading →

The things you miss

One of the bonuses of working in a school starting up is getting to do different sorts of jobs. Today it was photographing the swim meet held at my school. I hadn't noticed until today how precise the movements of high-performance swimmers are. Such is the power of photography to capture details, you would otherwise miss. The... Continue Reading →

2015 in review – top 3 books that have influenced my thinking

Future Wise: Educating Our Children for a Changing World - Once I finished reading this book I immediately gave it to my principal to read. 'Is this worth learning?'is a question we should ask of ourselves daily in the course of planning learning engagements. Choice Words: How Our Language Affects Children's Learning A must-read for any educator,... Continue Reading →

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